>Mommy Monday

Being a mommy is a hard job. Everyone tells you your life will change, forever, and boy, were they ever right.

It changes in oh, so many ways. It changes in ways that make you laugh (when they say something hysterical), make you cry (when you get konked on the head with a toy so hard it leaves a mark), make you feel so fortunate (being an older mom-I’m 40 now) for having such a healthy child, and make you feel sooo tired a lot of the time too. Yeah, I remind myself that I’m not 20 years old, when I feel worn down on a Sunday after doing lots of chores and spending quality playtime with my wonderful son. Naptime is a dream come true on the weekends. šŸ™‚

I LOVE being with my son. Love it, love it, love it! I also love being a career woman, and having that side of my life. It is the perfect balance for me. What I do wish for though, is some more time cut into the day for my husband. That would make for a perfectly balanced day. He seems to get what is left of me at the end of the career and mommy day. But he loves me still.

What do you love and find hardest about being a parent?



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2 responses to “>Mommy Monday

  1. >I find the hardest thing is finding that BALANCE between being ME and being a MOM. Between being a WIFE and being a MOM. Between being my children's FRIEND and being their MOM… LOVE your blog!!!

  2. >Motherhood changes everything, doesn't it? In an absolutely wonderful way. :)The hardest thing? Hmmm. Perhaps it is striving to be patient, energetic, gracious, creative, and loving every day (because I know that little eyes are watching me). I'm constantly working on those things… ;)stephanie@metropolitanmama.net

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