>What I Learned This Week: My List of 4

>I’m just connecting with some carnival themes, and found a fun one last week at From Inmates to Playdates, called What I Learned This Week. I’d already posted today, but loved reading my friend Chelsea’s response and Julie’s from the blog above, and after laughing, felt I should write my own to chipper myself up a bit.

You see, I deal with “allergy induced asthma” several times a year, and this year, at this time, it has hit me pretty hard. Either something in two medications I took today threw me for a loop, or I’m having some kooky symptoms I shouldn’t be, so I’m home from work today, trying to rest it off and wait from some new prescriptions to be filled. Every career woman/mother loves a day off, but not like this, where you’re spinning so much it is even hard to enjoy catching up on blog posts!

Anyhow…..here are some things I learned this week:

1. Even though my son is 2 1/2, on the rare occasion, he still needs to find a place like this to do you-know-what.
2. Driving under the influence of allergy medication and bronchial medication makes one feel like they’ve taken down one too many. Oh, and I guess it would help to read this on the label:

In clinical trials, the occurrence of somnolence (by the way this means: state of near sleep) has been reported in some patients taking
(name of medication). Due caution should therefore be exercised when driving a car or operating potentially dangerous machinery.

Ah…so that’s why I had trouble driving to the doctor’s office and almost fell asleep there? And, 9 1/2 hours later, on a 24 hour drug…still feel that way?

3. Offers for free flights out to see family are VERY generous, but still cost money when you have two dogs to board or have a housesitter come for…what to do?

4. Potty training isn’t like boot camp, where you can just whip those soldiers into shape in what, 8 weeks? I think we’ve been stagnant for about 2-3 months. I can’t WAIT for underwear! I suppose that comes with it’s own issues though, does it?


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3 responses to “>What I Learned This Week: My List of 4

  1. >OMG you already have a button! I love it! Missed you today… sure hope you feel better!

  2. >I hope you feel better…what a bunch of icky symptoms! Also, my friend Melissa was recently potty-training her son, and she said she read somewhere that boys usually potty train after they're able to draw a circle…I know weird. She thought so too. But her son was drawing and drew a circle and within the next couple of days, he totally "got it"…just thought I'd share that with you because we were kind of chuckling about it!

  3. >Hang in there for the potty training thing. It may seem like forever, but eventually you'll probably not even remember how long it took. Also, I am so with you on the stupid allergy season. Oh. My. Word. There's been snot for weeks. Where does it all come from?

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