>Works for Me Wednesday: Digital Photography

>Isn’t it the worst when you are right in the middle of an event and you see you have one bar left on your digital camera? When I got mine, my husband suggested getting a spare battery, to always have on hand.

As soon as I see mine is getting low, I pop it out into the charger and put the new one in. Then as soon as it is charged, I put it back in its sleeve and back in my handy little camera bag.
I have had this little bag every since I saw it in some hippie shop or craft fair, or somewhere unique years and years ago. It fits my camera perfectly, and I can slide the extra battery right in that outside pocket.
For little jaunts, I can even slide in a few dollars and my ID. The strap is long enough that I can wear it across my chest so I can run around and do whatever, but I have it within reach.

See, I have it on in this picture:
I certainly wouldn’t want to “wear it” for a special event, but for everyday, it is great.

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