>Super Savings: Walgreens and Target

>I took my second purposeful Walgreens trip Monday, focusing on those items on sale and that I had coupons for. Here’s what I got:
All this for $19.05. Saving $17.19

Cascade: sale $3.99 and I had a .25 coupon. Plus I earned $1.00 in a future purchase = $2.74
Pampers wipes: sale $2.50 and I had a $2 coupon = $.50
Kleenex: sale coupon $.99 for up to 3 = $2.97
Tampax Pearl: sale $4.99 and B1 G1 1/2 off, plus 1 $2 and 2 $1 coupon = $4.48 for both
Maxwell House: sale $5.99 and $1.00 coupon = $4.99
Dawn soap: normal $1.99, plus $.25 coupon with store coupon ($.99 each) = $.74
Plus I earned a $1.00 off on my next purchase.

There were a few things on sale I questioned. Aveeno lotion was on sale 20% off, and I use it. The price seemed high, $7.99 on sale. I also questioned the Energizer batteries for $2.99, so I went to Target after. At Target, the same lotion is $6.84 regularly, so it was good I didn’t buy at Walgreens. The batteries, I found, were a good price at 4 for $2.99, plus I have 2 $1.00 coupons, so I’ll probably go back and get 2 packs. At least I could use the $1.00 off coupon, because it expires next Monday anyway-a quick turnaround.

When I went to Target I didn’t plan on purchasing anything, just look at prices. Oops-while I there I founds some items on sale I typically buy that I picked up:
Comet: $.87 sale
Skippy: $1.79 sale (2) down from $2.09 normally (too bad I didn’t have coupons too)
Wet Ones: $1.99 sale (2) on sale (don’t know normal price)
and two birthday cards-of course not on sale.
All this was $14.96, and guess what I used? Three $5.00 gift cards I’d gotten from sale purchases over the last week. So I still actually have $.04 left on a card. It cost me $-.04!

For more saving ideas see Wednesday Weekly Shopping.


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  1. >There was a wetones coupon on coupons.com, don't forget to print coupons before going to the store! Also, did you know you can "stack" a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon? I recently used a $1 off energizer Target coupon AND a $1 energizer manufacturer coupon on batteries at Target! 🙂 Target has some pretty good coupons on their website too!

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