>Works For Me Wednesday: Sandy Kids’ Shoes

>Ever bring your child home from daycare or the playground, take his or her shoes off (usually on the sofa, right), and LOADS of sand end up on your sofa or floor? On a just-cleaned floor, this can be sooo frustrating.

Here’s what I’ve done to remedy the situation. We stop just inside the door and I take my son’s shoes off there, while he’s standing up. I even take off his socks and kind of roll them into themselves and set them back in the shoe that is filled with…see below…sand.

At least the sand can be cleaned up from one central location if I spill some, which doesn’t happen very often. Then I walk them over to a garbage can in his room and dump out the sand and empty out the socks too(the sand just sticks to the sweaty socks).

Then I throw his shoes in a fabric crate in case any more sand come out. That that doesn’t come out in the initial shake seems to settle overnight and be there in the AM.
My hubby jokes that we need to save up all the sand and return it to the daycare. I remarked I didn’t think that was a good idea, mixed with all that shoe sweat. Ick..

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  1. >SO funny – I have posted on this. I wonder if the daycare ever needs to buy more sand. Because between all this kids, they must be down a few pounds each week!

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