>Question of the Day: Coupons in Newspapers

>Do any of you buy more than one newspaper on Sundays in order to get more coupons? If so, can you tell me are there different coupons in different area papers (say one from your local city and one from your capital city) or are they the same (Smart Source, Red Plum, etc.)?

Please comment. I’d like to know if I should order a second one, or just buy an extra when I see a lot of coupons I can use from the one I already receive on Sundays. Thanks!



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2 responses to “>Question of the Day: Coupons in Newspapers

  1. >Ours usually has the same as the others around us. I would check and see if yours is the same or if you'd end up with different ones.The Couponizer is $20, and yeah its something you'd be able to teach yourself with no problem.

  2. >I always buy at least 3 of the Daily Star every Sunday. I used to get the Arizona Republic from Phx delivered to me and they do have different coupons than we do. The subscription service was terrible and I got sick of dealing with it. If you live close to a Dollar Tree, they sell the AZ Daily Star for $1!!

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