>What Do You Think? (My CVS trip)

>I went to CVS today, had to. My Buy $20, get $4 off coupon expires tomorrow. So I looked over the ad today, and planned my list, including my $12 in ECBs, to try to get the most of what I need right now.
I know the ultimate goal is to save ECBs to buy other things that have ECBs, ultimately paying almost nothing, but I felt trapped by needed to use the $4/$20 by tomorrow and didn’t see much I needed in the ad.

I’d like to hear from you, do you think I really ended up saving money or using my bucks in the best manner? (Again, keep in mind I had to go off this week’s sale items to use my $4/$20 by tomorrow.)

ITEM 1: Honey Nut Cheerios sale: $2.99, but buy 3, get $3 ECB for future purchase.
I had a $1/2 coupon and $.55/1 coupon, so I save an additional $1.55 on them. I bought 3. (This is a purchase I question because they were only 12.25 oz. boxes that regularly sell for $4.29 there.)

ITEM 2:  Aveeno lotion, something my son and I both use. Sale: $5.99 (I thought usually $6.54 at Target so a good deal, with the $1/2 coupon I had). The ones I use however, were $6.99. I could have gotten them for the $6.54 at Target, but I felt I should buy them to reach my $20 I needed for the above coupon and was able to apply my ECBs too. I bought the 2 I needed.

ITEM 3: 3 Hallmark cards. I had a $1/3 coupon, and had to send out one this week, so it was a must.

All in all, my bill was $12.14 and I saved $26.02. Was this a good deal, do you think?

For more money saving tips, see Money Saving Mom.


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  1. >This is what I don't know! Are you saving money when you wouldn't have spent it in the first place? I don't know! But technically if you saved MORE than you actually spent, I would say that's a good thing.

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