>10 Things That Make Me Unique

>My friend Becca did a post on this theme the other day and I invite you to do the same (let me know you do so I can go read yours too)!

We all have some pretty unique and different things about ourselves that are, well, interesting for others to learn about us.

(For the highlights, read what is underlined.)
1. This one I don’t find so interesting, but others seem to. I do not like apple pie. Yes, I am an American, but baked apples? No thank you.
2. Some people know this, others don’t. I have a glitter phobia. Yes…I fear glitter. Was I asked to watch a colleague’s class this year on the very day she  sprinkles glitter on her students’ heads, each class period? Yes. Did I do it? No, some kind student actually ASKED to do it, so I could stand back and watch. Did it stick to the bottoms of my shoes and freak me out? Yes, so I rubbed them a lot on the concrete to try to get it off. What’s my problem you ask? Well, once glitter touches you, it never leaves. It only find a new location to lodge itself on your body, only to appear as a sparkle somewhere someone who doesn’t care for sparkles finds it. I’m glad I have a son. That’s all I have to say.
3. I was an American Tribal Style belly dancer for about 5 years as part of a troupe. No, I will not perform for you. It was some time ago and looks out of place in shorts and a t-shirt. No, I will not dress up for you in my garb either, as you may not truly understand how much I loved it. I really did. See here if you’re interested more. I did some workshops with this group. I first saw them perform in San Francisco, and when I joined my classes, had no idea my teacher was trained by the leader of this group. I had to move to a new city, where this type of dance troupe doesn’t exist. I also LOVE the music…ah…I think this is truly a core part of me.
4. I can be a girly girl, yet love the rugged outdoors. I used to rock climb and lead tours in the Southwest, and up until I was pregnant, loved mountain biking. Sometimes I feel like two separate people that way.
5. Since I can remember, I never dreamed of my wedding as many women do. I hoped I’d my husband would tall and blond. What do you know? I have a tall (6’6″), blond husband. I didn’t even pursue that. It just happened. Another unique thing? We met online and married 2 years minus one day from our first date.
6. I have an extra bone in 6 different places in my body (or so it seems). These bones protrude out (one each) under each inner ankle bone-a pain when it comes to shoes, under each knee bone about an inch down, and on the back of each shoulder. Perhaps they are out of place or perhaps that’s what leads me to be double-jointed in my shoulders, something I didn’t know until I was laying watching TV as a kid and a friend asked how I was laying that way, propped up on my hands, elbows on the ground, behind my head.

7. I have extra mammary glands. Yep. You might think they were moles from far away, but my dermatologist and a radiologist both confirmed it and said it is more common than you’d think, that when they see them on people they usually don’t say anything because it freaks them out. Reason I know, I had a friend in college who had 6 extra ones down his chest. My are close to my armpits.

8. I don’t like anything stuck in my belly button. It freaks me out and feels like someone is touching my soul and in a creepy way.

9. I don’t like light reflected into a mirror and back in my eyes. You see, our bed is directly across from our bathroom. Our nightstand lights can shine into the mirror and back out again. That irritates me. I have to pull the door closed. I think I have some light sensitivity and am kind of OCD about that.

10. 10 is hard to get to….Um…okay…sometimes during a movie (quite often that is), I am so engrossed looking at the costumes that I miss what people are saying. My first passion and degree was in fashion design and I am really drawn to what designers choose to put people in in films. We just watched a WWII movie last night and I was really attracted to all the uniform detail and how many had to be made. I’m a seamstress at heart and really get into the detail.

What are 10 things that make you unique?


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2 responses to “>10 Things That Make Me Unique

  1. >Wow- I knew some of these 10…but there were a couple I did not know! One I had forgotten, the belly dancer! I think that is great! I dont know if I could think of 10 unique things about me. I'll let you know if I do!

  2. >So funny! First, I like your new template! I get the glitter thing, but it happens to boys, too. Just beware. Michael has an extra mammary gland, too. We haven't told him what is yet, but we giggle about it :)I am with you on the light thing. I have super sensitive eyes and actually can't go outside without fancy heavy duty sunglasses. It's painful to go out during the day. Very interesting….

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