>Surviving Wednesday Together: 1st Entry

>I just found a new carnival, or meme (okay, what is the difference?) with a great theme:
Surviving Wednesday Together.

Some days feel like just that, survival. I know, as a mom, is it nice to know others out there feel like I do. I thought of that just today when my son tried to scratch me because he didn’t want me to turn off Bob the Builder for nap. After a warning, he went to timeout, where I sat with him for two minutes. As a mom, I hate timeout, only because I hate my son being upset. But more than that, I hate the behavior that causes the need for timeout. Couldn’t we all just be on our best behavior? That includes me of course. I think sometimes I need a timeout myself. 🙂 Ah…it is naptime, the best timeout for me.



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4 responses to “>Surviving Wednesday Together: 1st Entry

  1. >Thanks so much for participating in Surviving Wednesday Together. And your words are great! BTW if you are interested I am looking for mommy bloggers to feature – email me polsen11atcomcastdotnetOh and I have no idea what the difference between a meme and a carnival is?? I mean, I am not even sure where the word meme came from LOL

  2. >Hey…you're not supposed to sit with your kid during timeout. Kaia hates it when she has to sit one minute all alone…making the warnings so much more effective.

  3. >then again I guess when reinforcement is needed…

  4. >I have told my girls that quiet time is for mommy, too, so yes, I think even mommies need time outs! 🙂 Carnival and Meme: synonyms. And I have never even thought of what the word Meme means except that it's kind of a dumb word (there I go, being opinionated again!).

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