>WFMW: wall art

>I just love being able to display my son’s artwork, so in various places in the house, instead of fine artwork, I share toddler artwork:

The bathroom-

The hallway outside his room-

The wall between the kitchen and living room-

and of course the fridge (no photos there). Doesn’t everything put their child’s artwork on the fridge?

Where do you display your children’s artwork?


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4 responses to “>WFMW: wall art

  1. >Mostly the fridge, but I'm thinking about doing some framing and displaying them more prominently!

  2. >Love that you framed his artwork!! Gonna have to buy some frames at IKEA…what material is the circular handprints art on?

  3. >It is so great they you frame Soren's artwork and hang it around your house. This will be a huge confidence builder for him throughout his childhood. I love going on home visits of my students and seeing their artwork framed in hanging in their homes. Keep it up. Love- Your Friendly Art Teacher! 😀

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