>10 Things I Love About Working

>I may be one of those odd mothers, who really enjoy working. I do, I love going to my job each day. Here are some reasons why:

10 Things I Love About Working
1. I love the interactions with other adults, and the great people they are.
2. I love having another focus outside of my own life.
3. I love the challenges that work presents to me. It takes my mind off of my own challenges.
4. I love the great friendships I’ve made through my work. Truly, the best friends I’ve made have come from my job.
5. I love the routine of going to work. I actually don’t do well having too much time off. It is not that I don’t know what to do with myself, but I feel out of sync, like something isn’t quite right. It happens whenever we have a break (unless I’m in some terrific place like a tropical island…)
6. I love encouraging myself and striving to get better at my job.
7. I love (and sometimes feel guilty about) the downtime away from my family, to have a place for me, where things are about what I’m working toward.
8. I love encouraging others, whether other teachers or students, in what they are doing.
9. I love the people. Oh, have I already said that? Well, I do. I love the positive environment I work in. Of course people always have their concerns/issues, but that’s just part of life.
10. I love that I love going to work, that it isn’t something I dread. It is something I look forward to.

What are 10 things you love about a part something you do every day?



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2 responses to “>10 Things I Love About Working

  1. >I like being a part of my work environment, too. Since before kids I have wanted to be a stay at home mom, but up until now I haven't gotten to do that. Now I get to do that, but I still want to have my work interaction. I'm with you. I completely understand the social part of work. It's what happens at home when I'm awy that I hate missing!

  2. >I'm with you, especially the people part! 🙂

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