>Monster Update Monday

>Well, this has been one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a mom, and some of you may laugh, and think I have no clue…or that there is so much more to come.

I’ve spent so much quality time next to my son the last few nights that it has taken me back to when I used to call out for my mom in the middle of the night after a bad dream and she’d come and lay with me until I fell asleep. That meant so much to me that right now, I want to be able to do that for my little guy too, to help scare away his monsters.

We helped by supplying him with a flashlight.

And this weekend, we broke down and bought a single mattress for the floor, to see if that will help him, and help me, be able to lay next to and ease him into sleep. He took to the bed right away, which was great.

Now I just have to help get him from waking up 4 or more times every night and come looking for me.

My friends and family have been such great support with ideas left and right, and the continual message that this too, will pass. My husband asks how many days? 🙂

What has been one of your biggest struggles as a parent?



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2 responses to “>Monster Update Monday

  1. >You should read the Sleep Lady's Good Night Sleep Tight. She's got great tips to help you out. I really like her! One of my biggest struggles as a parent is making sure I spend quality/quaninty time with my kids. I would rather get the housework done than play for 10 minutes, but in the long run what is 10 minutes, reallY?

  2. >My biggest struggle, physically, has been getting Lilly to stay in bed once she got her big girl bed.Emotionally? Figuring out how to fix it when she is hurting – when a friend hurts her feelings or she feels like she "can't do it" about something… absolute torture.

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