>Open for Advice

>I’d like to ask all the mommies out there for some advice.

I’m really feeling like I’m struggling finding any semblance of balance in my life right now, with working, having a family, and having an incredible lack of sleep from my son’s crazy sleep issues lately. I feel like I’m doing all I can just to eat, sleep, get my son ready, and stay positive. My great schedule I used to have for planning for shopping, having time to shop, run my errands alone (I’m not sure this is a possibility anymore, and that in itself causes me stress) and all has fallen off the face of the earth, and before I break down and fall apart, I just want to hang on the rope and try to keep perspective.

I’ve now added two weekday activities to my week, which I’m sure will be affecting the craziness I feel on top of things too: an afterschool club and weekly allergy shots (which gets me home with my son 1/2 hour later than normal on that night).

When you first have a baby, all the books say to forget about chores and do all you can to care for your child and yourself. Is this still true as a working mom with a toddler? Do I get myself all worked up about nothing, or do the rest of you struggle with these things too?



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4 responses to “>Open for Advice

  1. >Yes, this is "give yourself a break" time. A) The first few weeks of school are exhausting (even pre-children). B) Your sleep schedule's a bit messed up.Things will get better soon…really soon, but follow the "baby advice."

  2. >Suze, You should SEE my house! It is a disaster! And I hate my house being a disaster. It's totally NOT relaxing! Reading FLY lady (www.flylady.net) has helped me, but I wouldn't subscribe to her because you will get a bazillion emails and it will stress you out more. Also, when I worked more regularly, my husband and I would work together on groceries. I would make him a very detailed grocery list and he would call if he needed clarification. It helped a LOT! Oh, I also made 2 months worth of menus so I wouldn't have to worry about what was for dinner. Either Chris or I could start it since it was written down. Also, let being perfect go. Just let it go!

  3. >I'm so sorry!I agree with both of the other comments. This time of year is exhausting in the best of circumstances. And right now you don't have the best of circumstances. Take a break! Whether that means eating more prepared meals for a bit (either eating out or buying premade stuff from the store) or eating on paper plates to save the mess, I don't know. Hang in there – it will get better!

  4. >Exactly (for all of the above). Stop trying to do everything. Nudge hubby a bit and ask him to help. Start eating pb&j and frozen pizzas for dinner (nobody every died from too much quick food) and go to bed early for a while. Can I bring you dinner Wednesday?

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