>WITLW: Lots and Lots ‘o Things!

>Yes, it has been another week of learning a lot of things….I guess when you have a toddler, perhaps your learning ability is on as quick a speed as theirs?

1. Since I’m linking back to Julie at From Inmates to Playdates, one of hers was that she learned cactus can have beautiful flowers. Yes they can Julie! Here’s one from our yard last week!

On the cactus note, I learned my son, at 2 1/2, knows cactus out and about when he sees them!

2. Spending a day giving a presentation in another city can really be inspiring and refreshing with the right people, for the right people.

3. Two nights of good sleep can make one feel so refreshed (note #2 was refreshing too!) and alive.

4. Great food when one is feeling down can lift one’s spirits. See this amazing recipe for carnitas! Amazing! Thanks Becca, for the recommendation of the site! I’ll be back for more. My son may not have wanted his (He actually threw it at me and got in big trouble…way big trouble…but I was so engrossed in my dinner I got over it, and he later got a quesadilla after he apologized.)

5. Having a complete meltdown can be good for the soul. I’ll never forget crying in the hallway and my son pulling out his toy piano and making it play while my husband tried to console me. So sweet. It also ended in a pedicure later in the day (also refreshing, especially if you get little flowers painted on, and little blue jewels…ah…so happy), and a few hours away shopping, needed shopping, but a little break.

There were oh so many more things I learned, but these were some of the highlights. What did you learn this week?


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