>WILTW: 3-day weekend

>It is always interesting to think about what I learn each week, and I’m so interested to learn what you’ve learned too. For more interesting adventures in learning, be sure to check out Julie’s blog too.

1. First, I learned that one should anticipate if one notices one’s child falling a lot one weekend, that it may continue into the week with multiple injuries, particularly facial ones.

2. I may not have learned this this week, but I did learn in prior years that when your child falls a lot, they may be going through a growing spurt. After measuring my son Friday night, I learned he’s grown 3/4″ in less than one month!

3. If your child starts sneezing and has a running nose earlier in the week, best chances are you and your spouse will come down with the illness and feel cruddy all of Labor Day weekend. 😦

4. Having a cold allows you to make excuses to watch a lot of television with your child over Labor Day weekend, because afterall, he needs the rest too, still recovering, right?

5. It is okay to let your child take a 10 AM nap in the car on a Monday morning drive, if indeed he needs the extra sleep and you don’t mind him missing out on the afternoon one, as long as you are sprawled out together on the sofa watching TV (that is hopeful for this afternoon anyway).

6. It can still be WAY TOO HOT outside over Labor Day.

7. Having a backup box of pancake mix when one wants Labor Day weekend pancakes is a good thing when the first one is full of….are they maggots..those tiny, icky things? Tell me, how on EARTH, do they get in that bag in the first place? That is my question of the day. Okay, and to be honest…it had been a LONG time since I’d made pancakes.

8. A balloon can make for some really good self-entertainment, for a long time.

9. It is possible, to be only 30 minutes from home and have to pee like you’ve never had to pee in your life, and have to ask your husband to pull over at a gas station to go, before needing to cough again and fear for wetting yourself.

10. A 3-day weekend is THE BEST!



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2 responses to “>WILTW: 3-day weekend

  1. >Oh. My. Word. Pancake mix. Um, yuck. Hope your kiddo is feeling better, though. Thanks for linking up again this week. =)

  2. >Sounds like you had lots of learning this week! I hope my kids go through some growth spurts soon! Enjoy your week!

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