>Starting the Week Off Right

>Today is my first “real” day off for two weeks. Ahhhh….

I really did have Friday off too, but spent most of it cleaning for company this weekend, so I’m not counting it. It was really a work day.

I’m trying to start this week off right by just relaxing and going with the flow. That doesn’t come easy for me in my life right now, with being a mom. The little things that used to get done when I felt like it, and little errands run here and there all get piled into my days off instead of happening whenever I felt like it pre-child. That’s not very healthy in order to really have time off, is it?

Well, I started today off by taking my son to daycare. That’s one way I’m trying to really get some me time this break, by keeping him in his routine, in a place he loves to be, instead of trying to save a little money and have valuable mommy/son time this go around. We’ve had a lot of quality time lately, so I’m not going to feel guilty about it (even though “feelingguilty” is my middle name). I have so many little errands to run and little tasks to do that I just can’t do when my son is home with me, i.e.: wrapping birthday gifts for friends and for him-he’ll be 3 November 6th-, sewing some Christmas gifts and Halloween costume, scrapbooking, and this is the big one, attempting to make some Mickey Mouse shoes for my son’s costume. Anyone have any ideas? I’m pretty handy with sewing and such, but really need to get a sense of what materials to use for yellow, sturdy, BIG shoes. Hmm… So, that’s reason enough for daycare, right? (Do you sense I’m trying to justify here?)

Then, I took my empty bag of Starbucks coffee grounds to a nearby Starbucks and received my FREE TALL BREWED COFFEE! Yes, on the side of some of the bag of Starbucks coffee it states just that, and by golly, it works. I’m sippy it now. That is start of “starting off week right” #2.

Later today, I’m taking myself to see the movie “Eat Pray Love”. Has anyone else seen it? I thought the book was okay, enjoying the first and third sections the most. I just think it will be a good popcorn eating chick flick, and I love a good movie.

I’d love to also get caught up on reading some of the great blogs I got into this summer. I met some really neat people and so enjoyed their blogs, but I haven’t paid visits lately. I’m doing all I can to post myself. I feel it is sad that I can’t do everything all the time. 😦

Wishing everyone else a good week too, and happy October! I’m feeling the season after having decorated a little Friday too. My son calls it “The Halloween Window.”


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