>Keeping Busy

>I have sure been keeping busy this week, running here and there on errands, getting extra allergy shots while I have the time, having lunch with friends, shopping for some needed new clothes…I am definitely not on the road to relaxation, yet. I am sure glad I have next week off too.

We just received our 4th invitation to a birthday party over the next month, 3 actually next week, and then there’s also my son’s party on the 30th. Fortunately, we’re just doing a family one, with grandparents who will be in town, so it will be low key. I wasn’t actually able to have it on his birthday, November 6th, because one grandparent is leaving that day, and one of my dearest friends is having her daughter’s 3rd birthday party on that day too! Whew! The 30th of October is kind of a neat day though, in that that was my son’s actual due date.

I’m planning a Mickey Mouse themed party for him and he’s also going to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween.

I’ve been working on the costume a bit this week too. Here are the shorts:

I wish I could have found even bigger buttons, but these were the biggest I could find. I actually made a second pair of shorts too, as potty training backups. I wouldn’t want my Mickey Mouse to be stuck wearing little boy shorts instead of his red ones with his costume. I showed them to him last night, and when we were getting ready to go to bed, he told me he wanted his “Mickey Mouse jammies”. I coudn’t figure out what he meant, because he doesn’t have any, but he must have meant the shorts!

The next step is trying to make those crazy big yellow shoes. I got some things to start with:

Only, I ended up finding some fleece slippers yesterday at the store that I think I will use as a base and create the shoe on top of, instead of making fleece socks. This will be next week’s creative endeavor.

On a totally different note, I mentioned having gone shopping for jeans. Ever find a pair that fits you so well you want to rush out and buy a second pair immediately? Like a pair that doesn’t hang in the crotch, sag in the bottom (or too tight) and actually fits you in the waist without that big gap in the back? Well, I’m there, with these, wearing them today and just hoping I’ll be able to find another pair out and about next week.


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