>What I Learned this Week


I had an interesting “dropping things” weekend. I wasn’t feeling particularly clumsy, but something was in the air.

Here are some of the things I learned about that and others

1. I still “have it” when it comes to light mountain biking. See here. I made it without any injuries at all. Surprising after over 3 years.

2. I can have no injuries on a mountain bike ride, and then jam my toe into the edge of the shower and scrape the skin off the top of my right toe 15 minutes later.

3. Half an hour after that, I can drop a soda can out of the refrigerator onto the top of my left toe, denting the can, causing me to yell in pain, and blood can seep out of the cut it made.

4. Three hours later,  my heavy water bottle (non-BPA of course) can fall out of my purse, onto that same toe.

5. Two days later, that same water bottle can go crashing out of a backpack and go sliding under two bathroom stalls in a park bathroom. So sanitary, yes?

This is all a few days prior to a scheduled pedicure appointment. Do you need to worry about sanitary foot soaks at a nice spa with any cuts/abrasions on your feet?

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