>Thankful Thursday

>I’m feeling that it is time again to write a Thankful Thursday post. I have been so frantically busy the last three days of my “break” that I need to take time to reflect on all I’ve accomplished, be thankful, and move ahead these last two days, doing LESS.

Today I am most thankful for:

1. Getting my son’s Halloween costume and accessories all finished. Check out these Mickey Mouse shoes!

2. Having time to get some birthday and Christmas present shopping done.

3. Having time to go have lunch out with my husband and a day off with him as well.

4. Being healthy this time of year and having time to get extra allergy shots. I usually have bad allergies and have been getting shots. Hopefully they are helping!

5. Getting as much done as I have. Lots of errands and ability to do some shopping I needed.

6. My dog not having anything more serious than a possible prior bug bite that he has been consistently licking until he’s licked all the fur off his paw. Poor guy has to wear this for a few days and is seriously in depression.

7. Having the opportunity to see my son in his little soccer class at preschool.

8. The weather finally trying to cool off out here. The car has still read 100 degrees a few times, but it has been noticeably cooler. I LOVE being able to be outside in the cool, fresh air.

9. My son really getting the potty training down! He is doing soooo well. Only #2 accidents at this point, and he’ll be 3 on November 6th. I’m happy to have pushed the issue a bit, as I think he was ready and able.

10. Lastly, having two more days of break by myself, in which I really, really, really need to slow down and veg a bit. Really veg. Really try to let the stress of being so busy slide away, and get invigorated again.

What are you most thankful for in your life right now?


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4 responses to “>Thankful Thursday

  1. >Look at those shoes!! You're amazing!!

  2. >Those shoes are awesome! No wonder you haven't been able to veg…good luck doing so today and tomorrow!

  3. >#10 sounds just wonderful!! I'm also very curious about this Mickey Mouse costume…keep us posted!happygoluckyvegan.blogspot.com

  4. >What wonderful things to be thankful for! I'm thankful that this week has been a little slow for me, because if anything crazy comes up and you aren't at work to walk me through it, I'm not sure what I would do!

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