>The Great Things about Friends


My favorite things about friends are (by the way, this is me with my great friend Amy this last weekend at her daughter’s 3rd b-day party):

1. They are so great to laugh with.
2. They are so wonderful to confide in.
3. They are there to listen to your concerns and share stories that are similar, to make you feel so not alone.
4. Back to #1, sometimes you laugh so hard you almost pee your pants. That’s the best (not the pee part, but laughing so hard).
5. They are wonderful to just hang out and spend time with (so hard to find that as moms now).

The list goes on, but today, I’m just thinking of my wonderful friends I see every day (K and M), those I saw this weekend (E, L, A, and P), one I’ll see Thursday (M), those who think of my son on his b-day (so many), and just, all my friends.

Thank you! I love and cherish you all!


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