>What I Learned this Week


A week passes by like…a flash in the night. (Is that the correct metaphor? I always get them mixed up. It is a trademark of mine.)

The week passed by like a firefly in flight? Ooo…rhyming now…

Anyway, to the point. I have to really think about what I really learned last week. It went by super fast, but was definitely eventful.

I did learn:

1) A little boy can fall in love with a pair of mud boots and have to wear them day in and day out, even with his jammies.

2) Three-year-olds can be just as challenging (and lovable) as two-year-olds. I thought maybe a magic button could be pressed on the actual birthday, to stop the strange and unusual behaviors, but…his button must need new batteries. Still though….lovable.

3) Bountiful Baskets (I made no money for this reference) has amazing produce! I just did my first order last weekend, splitting it with a friend, and am doing it again this weekend. Everything was sooo delicious!

4) The voters in the area where I work (I live outside of our district) let us down on a proposition for educational funding for specials (art, music, and pe). It makes me angry, sad, and wondering what I’ll do for our son when he gets to kindergarten. I love public education, but is it going to be right for him, minus all the specials? Will the funding be available for them by then? Will we, as parents, need to pay to help provide those opportunities? Will I, as a believer in all the specials have to be creative and develop some homeschooling opportunities for him?

5) I need to work on getting my son to hold my hand in parking lots and such. He has always been fiesty about this, but it is going to have to become a “have-to”. He has random bouts of wanting to run off and it is terrifying me.

What have you learned this week? Check out Julie’s blog to see more!


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