>WILTW: Christmas Decorating


 Have I mentioned already how excited I am for this holiday season?
I was thrilled to actually start on Thanksgiving morning, working with my son to build a colored paper garland for our tree.

Making decorations with a three-year-old is GREAT fun, really it is, and I had to refrain from wanting to all our decoration making activities over the weekend.

Well, Friday we got right on some more Christmas events, like putting up the tree (that photo was from Friday) and making a gingerbread house.

Here are some things I learned along the way:
1. It says on the box that the icing should sit after assembling the gingerbread house for 15 minutes. Next year I will wait longer than that. See #3.

2. I guess you can eat the gingerbread as you make it? I’ve heard people saying since that they eat their gingerbread houses. When? Right after you make it? On Christmas when it is hard and nasty? I just figured you made it to look at it?

3. Back to #1. Important to let it sit long enough to harden. Or, have Mommy not work so hard on spreading the icing on the roof while the roof is on.

4.  Just because your son looks cute wanting to open the Christmas decorations that you think aren’t breakable doesn’t mean they aren’t. Christmas ornament + tile = broken mess.

5. Dogs are fun to decorate too and will put up with a lot to please their owners.

For more, see Julie’s blog on suggestions on making Christmas time easier.


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  1. >looks like so much fun! I've never eaten a gingerbread house either, but have started making graham cracker houses…much easier…will have to show you my mad skills. 🙂

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