>WILTW: Holiday Goodies


Julie from Inmates to Playdates always has this hilarious post on Tuesdays that you have to check out, and join!

This week’s in particular cracked me up, on the theme of the Cookie Exchange. I am so glad I have not EVER been under the pressure of attending a cookie exchange with there being a contest, like Julie’s. That would be just toooo much! Especially when this year, I actually selected my recipe at 5:30 in the morning and had it made by 6:15 to make sure we had enough time to make my friend’s cookies as well, who was visiting for the weekend, and also attending the luncheon/cookie exchange at noon. We had a lot to do! Anyhow, that pressure of having the most (or not having the same as another’s would have been too much for me). I was also under the pressure of not having any cardomom (seriously…I’d never heard of that!) for my friend’s spritz cookie recipe, so I was also on the search for an alternate for her. The things we do for friends, right?

Anyhow, I ended up making Blondies, a super sweet bar cookie, which was delicious and easy, since I only had to throw it in the oven once. We had a great time making my friend’s cookies though, all morning, with the help from my son.

So, for this week, I wanted to reflect on what I’ve learned about holiday goodies:

1. The 2-3 extra pounds one gains around Halloween and Thanksgiving has no hope of coming off during the Christmas season.

2. One CAN have too many Christmas cookies through cookie exchanges and friends. Okay for a little while, then the husband starts complaining about the temptation.

3. One can think one has all of his/her baking done, only to find an amazing recipe at a cookie exchange, for these cake balls, and just HAVE to make them. Good excuse to have the hubby take them into work, right? I am currently in the process of making the chocolate/cream cheese ones and the white cake/cherry ones. Did all the batter yesterday and it is in the fridge waiting for me today to make the balls and dip today.

4. If you’re like me and you love wrapping presents, it can take keeping your child in daycare/preschool just so that you can get those holiday presents actually wrapped. Otherwise, he’d sneak in while you’re doing it or you’d be up ’til midnight. (Okay, some of you do that midnight thing…but not me.)

5. One’s credit card bills can increase during the holiday season when one didn’t start with any sort of holiday budget, due to this crazy economy. I’ll take that as a goodie though, in that I could at least do that. Some aren’t so lucky.

Wishing everyone a really wonderful holiday!


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