>Yummy Sweet Potato Soup

>Oh my gosh. I found this recipe for Sweet Potato Soup at allrecipes.com and it is amazing!
I made it last night, and will definitely be making it again, really soon.

I don’t know if it was the turnip added, or all the chicken stock, or the spices, but it was…did I already say? AMAZING. I wish I’d taken some photos, but there wasn’t really much to see.

I’ve been on break since Monday and trying to take the time to do some extra baking and cooking of things I just normally don’t have time to do. While I am not much of a “pull this and this together and create this” kind of cook, I’ve realized how much I love learning through cooking, and all the chopping and so forth that go into making something wonderful. That’s the trick though….when I do spend my time making something, it has to be wonderful.

I had a not-so-wonderful experience this week making zucchini bread, which I was hoping to give away for the holidays. I found a recipe online, and it said to cook it 80 minutes. Well, most of my bread recipes call for 60 minutes. I really doubted the recipe, peeked in the oven at 60 minutes, poked in a toothpick that came out a little wet, turned off the oven at 65 minutes even, and….well, I shouldn’t have second-guessed myself. It was hard. Dry and hard, and when I tried to cut it, fell apart. Guess where it ended up? The garbage.

What is something you’ve made lately that you really enjoyed, or something that didn’t turn out after investing a chunk of your time?

On another note, HAPPY Holidays!


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