>WFMW: To Do Lists for Weekends


Sure it is only Wednesday, but if you are like me, during the week you think of all kinds of things you need to catch up on on the weekend.

What has worked for me is to make a Weekend To-Do List, that is a general Sat./Sun. list that could get done any of the two days. It helps me keep track of those little things I need to remember, like mailing a birthday card, or taking a pair of pants back to the store that I didn’t like when I tried them on at home, and I can cross them off over the weekend.

I find it important to do this, as those little things just seem to slip on by. As well, my list is somewhat flexible, in that if it doesn’t get done that weekend, usually it can move onto the next weekend’s list. The list isn’t the normal “to-do’s” of each weekend, like laundry and things I’ll never forget about, but just the odds and ends.

What do you do to help you remember your to-do’s for the weekend?

For more ideas that work, see We’re That Family.



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2 responses to “>WFMW: To Do Lists for Weekends

  1. >Um, wait. We're supposed to be productive on weekends? Shoot!

  2. >I do basically the same thing. When I'm at work and think of something I need to do at home or an errand, I write it on scrap paper and stick it into my lunch bag. Then when I empty my lunch bag at home, I check those notes and either do the things right away or put them on my list.I make a day-by-day list for each week, with 8 boxes for Sunday to Saturday plus "next week". Most of my big tasks go on Saturday, but if I'm sure I won't get to them then I write them under "next week" and give them priority, along with anything from the week I didn't get done, on Sunday.

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