>WILTW: Snacks and Other Things


I always struggle with a title for this meme, hosted by Julie (check out her blog). Sometimes the things I learn don’t always fit in a theme. This week is no exception!

This week I’ve learned:

1. When you start having to pack snacks and lunch for your preschooler, your stash of snacks and lunch items seems to decrease in desirability. What? I only packed myself 1/2 a sandwich and an apple for lunch? Where’s that vending machine…I should sneak over to his preschool and steal some of HIS great snacks!

2. Your child CAN want to eat all of the snacks you’ve packed him all at once once he gets to school, ‘cuz it is so cool to have snacks within reach or something.

3. Zappos (I’m not getting anything for this reference) DOES have a great return policy, of free shipping to and from. My first pair of shoes didn’t work out, and they are already on their way back to them, free of charge. šŸ™‚ AND, I already got my next pair to try, AND they shipped them next day air, FOR FREE (not sure how I got that, but no complaints here!)

4. Cutting open a green chili can cause you to have a coughing fit. Not once, but twice. Oh, and not only that, but later, when you are taking out your contacts, and you THINK your hands are super clean, there may still be some lingering green chili under your nail or something, because your eyes WILL let you know as they burn…

5. Best for last, I learned that a mom (or dad) should look at the price of a pair of shoes BEFORE their child falls in love with them and the flashy lights that accompany them (see below). $49 after tax later… (Guess I’m glad it was just Christmas and he got some money!)



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4 responses to “>WILTW: Snacks and Other Things

  1. >I see two themes… eating and shoes!OUCH to the green chili part.And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zappos…

  2. >Flame shoes! Those are adorable, I totally understand why he fell in love!

  3. >For starters, Alex saw those hot-lights over my shoulder and got all excited and asked if I was buying them for him! He LOVES shoes, especially light-up ones. Second, HIP HIP HOORAY for Zappos! I love an easy return policy!Thanks for linking up friend!

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