>WILTW: Butt Kicking and More


I wish I could brag and say I was the one doing some butt kicking this week, but honestly, I had MY butt kicked by this Couch to 5K program I’m doing. Ouch. My butt DOES hurt today.

That’s one of many things I learned I learned this week:

1) After not exercising for several years, even just running 3 minutes at a time can kick your butt. I’m hoping days two and three this week are easier!

2) I shouldn’t second guess myself on buying the next size up for my son in jeans. He’s gotten skinnier, but definitely taller. He may end the summer in some great high waters. Hopefully other 3-year-old won’t tease him.

3) I’m beginning to think it is easier to save money when you do Bountiful Baskets each week. It is so easy (and inexpensive) for side dishes of yummy veggies and fruits that all you really need is a great protein to go with it.

4) Blogging is super hard to keep up with when work, home, and family keep you so occupied. I miss being able to read all the great blogs out there. I started this one when I had some down time in the summer, and miss those days. Instead, I’m not trying to be hard on myself, and just post a few times a week, and catch up on a few favorites I read.

5) I need to give myself some downtime on the weekends, where I schedule absolutely nothing, on paper or in my mind, to just spend some great family time or downtime. It feels sooo good!

What did you learn this week? Has anything kicked your butt lately or have you done anything butt kickin’? 🙂

For me, see Julie’s blog, always so funny!



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4 responses to “>WILTW: Butt Kicking and More

  1. >I start week 3 day 1 today! Kinda excited but kinda nervous!! Seeing as though I have to run for three minutes!! EEK! Anyways, miss you around the blogosphere! Glad to see you post. Hopefully your life wont be so crazy so you can blog some more!!

  2. asouthernhousewife

    >I was doing the Couch to 5k program but my tendons in my ankles have shortened due to wearing high heels, doc said I need to spend a few months stretching them out before I do any more serious running. Good luck on reaching 5k, running is so addicting!Blogging is heard to keep up with when you have family and chores and etc. It's my down time each day. Glad to have stumbled upon you for WILTW.

  3. >I haven't been doing much butt kicking lately… I've been getting my butt kicked instead! Eh, ebbs and flows though, right? Is that the right saying? I'm tired… ha!

  4. Well, I applaud you because just looking over that list, I’m not sure I could run for 5 minutes at this point. I did really good for awhile, but today at 15 minutes on the elliptical I had a pain in my side. So, yes, I’m with you on the butt-kickin.

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