Blackberries (Not the kind you eat)

So I’m contemplating getting a Blackberry Torch. See below.

Do any of you have one of these and do you have any feedback for me about it? I am in love with the idea of the great photos that it can take, but no in love with the idea of an additional $15/mo data package. You see, I am not one of those with a Smart Phone yet, mainly because I couldn’t get good coverage where I work up until lately. I couldn’t even get my phone to ring there. But times are a changing.

You might ask why I don’t want to get an iPhone. Well, my fingers just do well with the touch screen, at all, never have. My husband has had an iPhone for years and I just don’t like using it. I also don’t have extra money for the phone. The Torch is available some places for free right now.

The question is, is having a Smart Phone worth the extra $15.00 a month?



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6 responses to “Blackberries (Not the kind you eat)

  1. We have to pay an extra $30/month for our blackberries, so I think $15 is a steal!

    I don’t know what I would do with mine. Seriously. I might be a little addicted.

    I can see emails and blog comments as they come in, reply to quick work emails as needed (helpful being part time) and tweet and facebook from it… SO easy.

    I’m all for blackberries. But once you switch, you’ll never, ever get a regular phone again.

    • $30 because you each have a $15 data plan? That would be us too, but adding me would be an extra $15. I know I’ll never go back, and I’m afraid of that addictive personality thing, really. I almost wrote a post awhile back about how I hate Smart Phones because people always have their face in theirs instead of in the real world, and look I’m thinking of joining the group…

  2. um lets just say my smartphone started in the blackberry world…loved my blackberry never thought i would go with anything but my blackberry…till i met my devour.. šŸ™‚ so glad i have enough money for data package cause mine is 29.99 a month just for me šŸ™‚ also glad I have a boyfriend who hates talking on the phone for longer than a minute or so and rarely texts!! woohooo plus it helps working at fedex freight I get a discount!! 22% off the bill each month!!

  3. piper3301

    Love my Droid X. I didn’t think I would like a touch screen but I do. And I couldn’t live without my smart phone now šŸ™‚

  4. Well, since hubs had an iPhone you already know the data plan is $30., so $15. a month is actually cheap. The iPhone is the best invention of my time in my opinion. I don’t even go to the bathroom without it. (Oh shoot! Did I just say that?) Shhhh… =)

  5. I have been wondering the same thing. Do I need a smart phone? Still don’t have an answer but I’m a bit afraid I’ll really like it and when will I get everything else done.

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