What I Learned This Week

Like always I am a lifelong learner. Some things I am ready for, and others I am not. Some I pursue and some pursue me!

So this week, hmmm…let me think about the highlights.

I learned:

1) It is almost impossible to watch any more than 5 minutes of the Super Bowl when you have company over and your mom suggests, “We girls can sit in the kitchen to eat” and you have a three-year-old who wants more attention from the guests than to watch the game or let THEM watch the game. Little did I mention we had out-of-town family visiting, so it felt rude to tell my mom I really wanted to be watching the game too. Thank goodness for DVRs, and watching the last half of the game probably well after it was over.

2) A three-year-old who never really masters a tricycle, then outgrows his trike CAN very well get on a two-wheeled bike with training wheels and do soooo well!

3) My house does pretty well in freezing temps that we had last week, while many had burst water pipes and no heat. I don’t want to gloat because many of my friends were suffering, but I’m glad our house did well!

4) My friend Becca rocks on making headers (as well as other things! Look for my new one to replace those books up above soon!

5) I think I’m starting to get the hang of Word Press, and with more practice will like my new site here!

For more of the WILTW carnival, see Julie’s blog.


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5 responses to “What I Learned This Week

  1. Becca does do a great job! She actually made a header for me (an awesome one!) but had trouble installing it, so I had to contact my blog designer who took over from there and never could get it sized properly, SO, she had to redo it. But still, I loved it and I appreciated her doing it! =)

    Your little fella looks so grown up on his bike. Man, time flies….

  2. Oh, and I can’t wait to see your header. =)

  3. OH, and one more thing… I had to come back here to tell you this. When I posted that last comment, I got a message from WordPress that said, “You are posting comments too quickly! Slow down!”

    Dang. Grouch. =)

  4. Eva

    Love the trike, bike info. I have a 2 and a 3 yo and this is good info. Great photo, he looks so proud!

  5. ozarkmomma

    I know the feeling about slowly getting the hang of WordPress but I am loving it.

    Your little man looks great on his big boy bike. I love how fast kids can pick up on things we don’t think they will.

    Can’t wait to see your newheader.

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