I Did It: Week 5, Day 3!

Today’s run was 5 minutes warmup walk, 20 minutes run, and I am so happy to say I did it! (I always thinking of the Dora the Explorer song, “We Did It!” when I say that in my head.)

Next weekend is the 5K I’ve registered for. Has anyone run a 5K at a slow pace and know about how long that would take? The C25K goal next weekend is 25 minutes of straight running, and I wonder how close that is?




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2 responses to “I Did It: Week 5, Day 3!

  1. hey you!! great job!! So about wordpress, how easy was it to switch over?

    • VERY easy. You just export from blogger and as long as you carry the same name, it brings over all posts and comments. I just can’t figure out how to do my sidebars yet, bring my buttons, and so on.

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