I’m feeling a little strapped for time this week, but aren’t we all, almost every week?

Here are some things I’ve learned lately about time:

1) You can think adding 3 days’ worth of exercise to your week shouldn’t be that hard, but other things pop up and try to steal that allotted time, causing one to have to get very creative.

2) Enough time to sleep is very important. I think last night was the first night in over a week that I actually got to hear my alarm go off, at 5:25 AM, and not be woken up by my son or my own coughing from my cold. Problem was, I’m supposed to get up at 5:15 AM. I’d changed it one morning I was awake since 3 AM, hoping to get some sleep at some point, stretching it to 5:25. That didn’t happen. The TV ended up on at 5:00 AM. That set me back a bit today, rushing, rushing around!

3) Sometimes we have to steal moments of time. For instance, I was supposed to host a club after school today, but due to a dance, I didn’t have any students. That extra time allowed me to get caught up on some personal things at my desk, like making hotel reservations and starting this post! That’s a wonderful thing to find, extra time!

4) 20 minutes seems like a long time to run. Once you hit the 20:00 mark though, you realize you can do just a little more. That bit of time isn’t so long after all!

5) The biggest one, when you don’t have time to do some things you love, you just have to get creative and have to figure out a different way of doing them. I’m not sure that really works yet, but I’m going to try that style of thinking when in a few weeks I have to figure out how to run 3 days a week after work and add on t-ball practice, of which I don’t even know the schedule of yet! I can do it, right?

What are some things you do to try to save time or look at it differently throughout the week?

For more of what others have learned this week, see Julie’s blog!


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3 responses to “WILTW: Time

  1. I’ve learned that staying up late – and then napping when my daughter naps – is NOT a good way to use my time! (Although it’s late and getting later, and I still have much to do…I may not be breaking this bad habit just yet! Argh!!)

  2. Oh I am so the wrong person to ask… I’ve all but given up tv, but not really by choice. There are still some shows I’d love to watch, and sometimes put on in the background, but I end up busy and working or falling asleep! ha!

  3. It’s amazing, huh… how we can have no time, but then fit in even more stuff!

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