A Few of my Favorite Things

My great friend Chelsea did this post the other day about favorite things and it was a great inspiration for me. You see, my life feels like it has been super duper busy and I haven’t been so good about writing and reading blogs. I guess we all go through those phases, right?

So, on to some of my FAVORITE THINGS:

1) Raindrops on roses and whispers on kittens.. oh, wait, that’s not mine..

1) Sleeping through the night. That didn’t happen last night, but two short interruptions of coughing and soothing for my son were a lot better than hours up with him, not going to sleep after an Albuterol treatment Saturday night, the night before my 5K.

2) My new love of  running (did I actually say that?). Big thanks to my gal pal at work. We really seem to be on the same page, same level of fitness, and that is awesome!

3) Reading the Sunday paper with a cup of coffee and my son next to me, trying to read it too.

4) Spending time with friends – not much more needed to say about that!

5) Blogging and reading others’ blogs, but it is a tough thing to stay on top of, like scrapbooking, which I also love and am behind on!

6) Spending time with my husband. Every once in a while my husband and I take a day off during the week together, just us, and it is wonderful, catching a movie, going out to eat, taking a hike, all the things we did frequently before starting a family. It is great because we don’t have to pay for a babysitter too!

7) Organizing my “to-dos”. Yes, it really helps me to do this and use my time well. After having been gone a day sick last week, my to-do list is large for work today!

8) Spending total one-on-one time with my son playing (or reading). It is so great and takes away all of one’s own life worries.

9) Days when my energy level is just perfect. I’m a good-mood kind of gal. Most days I’m happy-go-lucky, and easy going. But there are those days when I just don’t feel myself (hormones or just lack of sleep?). It makes me really appreciate the wonderful ones!

10) Last but not least today, in this economy, I am so happy to have a great job I love and the house we live in, small that it is, but affordable!

What are some of your favorite things?


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  1. Aww thanks for the mention! Sometimes, it feels good to write about the great things in life, huh? Funny thing, I tend to write these types of posts when I’m feeling a little “down,” and they always pick me up!

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