No Internet?

What do you do when you don’t have internet?

Well, you certainly can’t do any posting! This has been the oddest week for me, and one that I’ve had to be patient through. You see, I usually do this fun WILTW (What I Learned This Week) post Monday night or Tuesday mornings, and link up with Julie. It is always a fun, fun post.

DAY ONE: Well, I was able to comment on hers, and get my title started on mine. I realized how late I was running for work (really, my son taking his time eating breakfast), so I thought I’d do it later in the day, during my lunch, when I was testing some students.

Well, I get to that room, and guess what? No wireless…not working. So not only couldn’t I do my post (what’s more important than that?) but I couldn’t do anything for work related to needing the internet either.

DAY TWO: Sure, I could have posted Tuesday night, but it was a long night, and I figured I’d do it Wednesday. Wednesday as I start my attempt, my computer is taken from me at work to be replaced with a much better one (fantastic, right?) leaving me with NO computer at all while my tech guy transfers everything over from my old computer. 3 1/2 hours later (no joke) it is handed to me through my car window after picking up my sick son to take him to the doctor…lucky I even got it before I went home! Then, I get home, and of course, my wireless security at home doesn’t allow me on. Later that night, my husband hooks me up and I can catch up with a few email. I go to sleep hearing him fuss that now he can’t connect and has to do something with our network.

DAY THREE: I sit down with breakfast as I do every morning and try to access my email. No internet. My computer can’t find our wireless. I putter around during breakfast and after, not knowing with to do with myself without internet! Fortunately my husband is home, just not up yet, and it is our day off together, so he’s able to hook it up later, but we have so many plans I don’t really get anything done. I DO order my new smartphone though!

DAY FOUR: That’s today. Day off with son home and we get on “his” computer (an old one) to play a Mickey Mouse game. No internet there, because all the security codes (or whatever…I don’t understand all this network stuff) have been changed. I can (don’t tell anyone) connect to a neighbor’s open internet though! It is also certainly too late to do that Tuesday post, so I’m just venting about the silly week instead. Ah…and as I start day one, my husband wants to interrupt my post writing to connect the other computer-wow, huh? And now….my son is awake and guess who wants to be on my lap as I write and “see the cursor”? I just can’t get to posting without interruptions. It is just one of those weeks, isn’t it? He’s in tears now because I said, “I need some Mommy time.” I NEVER ask for that, really. (That’s true.)

So I’m publishing now, before anything else stops me!

You won’t believe this. I can’t post because I’m not connecting to our wireless. Really.

Have you ever had any crazy “no internet” moments?




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2 responses to “No Internet?

  1. (Love your “jump to comments” button! I read in a reader, and came to comment 🙂

    No internet?



    I do believe I may have died.

    Really, truly.

  2. Oh my word….. I hate when the Internet gets nasty 😦

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