What I Learned This Week

Last week, I sure intended to do this post, and instead, ended up with this one. Check it out if you have time.

I’ve still learned a lot since then, including my favorite this morning:

1) My son would LOVE to go camping, and fishing, and catch some “gooey fish”. For those of you familiar with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that’s where they are from. I’m hoping we can take our first trip camping this summer. I loved it as a kid. Any hints for taking 3 1/2 year olds tent camping besides making sure you are near a toilet?

2) You can have an item on Craig’s list for weeks, get “hits” asking you if it is still for sale, no one comes through, and a friend and her kids can come over for a visit, mention casually, “Hey, let me know before you put that up for sale and I’ll buy it from you,” and end up carrying it home that very day.

3) Sometimes letting an item go for less than you originally wanted on Craig’s list is a good idea if you just want it out of your house.

4) On the Craig’s list note again, I’ve found you can purchase something, use it a little and resell it for just as much in a few years.

5) You can put together a somewhat healthy lunch for a 3-year-old at the gas station convenience store if you forget the school isn’t serving lunch that day. (Yogurt, milk, apple, cereal bar)

6) You can get all hyped about running and your running partner can hurt twist her ankle at work in a silly pair of shoes, leaving you partnerless for that day, without an iPod for company on top of it. Whoa is me, right? (Actually, I feel sorrier for her.)

7) It costs a LOT of money to be part of a wedding party, but it is sooo worth it to take a bridesmaid dress to a custom shop to have alterations, even if it costs a pretty penny. I won’t even touch that, knowing how to sew.

8) I don’t know what a good present is for a “classy” bachelorette party for an awesome friend, and how much I should spend on her. Can anyone help me?

9) Leftover Honey Nut Cheerios cereal bars from the gas station (see #5) are pretty tasty. Just ate the one my son didn’t eat last week, with coffee. Yum. Maybe not so healthy every day, but yum.

10) Being a mom is BUSY! I so want to find more time to blog and read blogs, and I need to learn how to find the time to do it. I love it and it feels like a necessity, like food and water.

What have you learned this week?

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One response to “What I Learned This Week

  1. Eileen

    I think Soren (and most males) would agree…no need to be near a toilet during the camping trip…those moments (sans toilet) may just turn out to be one of his favorites…

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