Running Around

So I competed in my first 5K a few weeks and had such a great time it has inspired me to really keep running, and trying harder. I even just registered for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure April 10th, 5K run with some colleagues. There’s another 5K on April 23rd in my neighborhood I’d also like to do. Crazy, right?

Even crazier, my running buddy hurt her foot this week and I’ve had to run alone two days.

Day One: So sad I was. I didn’t even bring my iPod to occupy my brain. I hate that because I can hear myself breathing. Okay, more like panting at times, and it makes me more tired than I really am. I ran/walked 2.62 miles though! I did a combo of running 6 minutes and walking 1, 4 times.

Day Two: (Today). Running buddy still needing to take time off. Had iPod strapped on my arm. Went to push play, and no more battery! I even had my new Blackberry and was using the timer to track my progress, hoping to do better than Day One. In my second cycle of my six minutes, I looked down at one point to see my timer had stopped. Arghh! So, instead of feeling sad, I pushed myself to run two additional streets. How’s that for punishment? Anyhow, it was good. I went 2.92 miles this time.

The craziest thing? I never planned to ever run. I used to always say, “I’d love to be a runner, I’m just not.” I’ve always loved other activities like rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking…even my husband has been surprised. Am I good at running? I can’t say I am, but I’m doing it, darn it, because it feels good to reach goals, it is fun to do with friends, and it is such a great workout in such a short amount of time. I am anxious to see what I can do next.

Have you ever surprised yourself like that?

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  1. hey stranger!! Loving running over here!!! I am at 13:38 for my mile. Starting Saturday I will be working on getting my distance up and running at a slower pace. I just updated my progress pics on my blog feel free to check em out! I literally got all teary eyed when I looked at them today!

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