What I Learned This Week

Hard to believe another week has come and gone, and here are some things I’ve learned:

1) After waking up several times during the night to “Mommy, close my door,” and one’s own coughing, it can cause you to be a little grumpy…most of the day. šŸ˜¦

2) Adding t-ball practice to the list of activities for the week can cause one to now ponder A) Can I still get in a good workout myself? and B) Guess we’ll have to get take out dinner home those nights?

3) Sometimes Mommy needs a day off, or two, alone (never going to happen, right?).

4) I am sooo behind on email responses to great friends.

5) I love my son more than anything in this earth, and can be in a great mood tucking him in at night, until he gets an excitable nerve, kicks his feet out of the covers and right into my face. Makes for a frustrated Mommy.

6) Sometimes it is best just to close one’s office door to get a few quiet moments of work completed.

7) I am an overplanner. I love to plan activities and events, but I’ll tell you, I tried to keep last weekend a bit more open and it was NICE!

8) I have to become more of a flexible thinker. I just do, and not get stressed over things. Easier said on certain days more than others. Why is that?

9) Making binoculars (“noculars” as he called them) with my son out of toilet paper rolls on Saturday was a blast, and we definitely need to do more things like that, or at least more regularly.

10) Sometimes making sure I have enough food in my tummy can make me a happier woman. Like right now, I think I need a snack and that’s why almost all of my “learnings” seem so sad. Granola bar, here I come!

What did you learn this week?

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6 responses to “What I Learned This Week

  1. My son still can’t wait until the toilet roll is finished so he can make another pair of binoculars!

  2. I tried emailing you back not so sure if either went through or not. My phone was being wonky and still is. Thankful I have the droid 2 and the battery and back plate for it should arrive today! They sent them in seperate shipments lol.

    I find it hard to actually eat enough food some days. Takes a lot let me tell ya!

    Anyways I hope you are doing well! Not sure if I told you this in the email but I’ve lost 2 inches on the waist, 2 inches on chest and 1 inch on the hippages šŸ™‚ my own word for my hips haha have a good day!!

  3. Mmm you are so busy! I know what you mean about adding an extra “thing” really making time more scarce. With us, it’s gymnastics. Try the crock pot maybe those days?
    Get a snack and tackle that to-do list! Hugs!

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