What I Learned This Week

As Julie mentioned on her blog, the week really seemed to fly by, but in good ways.

Here are a number of things I learned in that fly-by week of mine:

1) Age 3 1/3 is a pretty fabulous age. I am just loving spending time with my son right now. He’s loving, can understand so much more, and he makes me laugh, hard. Example in #2.

2) When one sticks suction cups from a hanging bath toy bag on one’s chest, they DO stick, and make a “SLURP-POP!” sound coming off, sending your son and yourself into hysterics. I must clarify…HE put the cups on his chest, not me, and they certainly weren’t on MY chest.

3) Having a few days off with your son, filled with special fun activities, is AMAZING, and just fill that …oh, I’m terrible with metaphors….fills that bubble? That vase of rocks? That…. _____________ (you fill in the blank), that glorious place that makes you feel all happy inside.

4) Going on an early morning run right after a rain in the desert is a great thing. Only when you think you’ve plotted out a course that is long enough in your mind, to find out you didn’t go as far as you hoped (and ate a cream cheese covered bagel afterward), can be disappointing.

5) Spending time your friend,  celebrating her marriage in a week, is a wonderful thing. (Note new black dress.) Having a great photographer there doesn’t hurt either!

6) Having a day off to oneself (today) is something great to look forward to (even after the disappointing run-the distance only, yet cream cheese bagel, which was great), knowing I get to go to a fantastic restaurant at lunchtime with friends and include a margarita!

7) Leaving off on lucky number 7 (not my lucky number, but I’m sure it is someone’s, right?) today can be a good thing if it means having a little bit of time to scrapbook my son’s 3rd birthday and Halloween before lunch!

What have you learned this week?

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  1. Oh, I love the little black dress. Very nice! Thanks for linking up again this week. =)

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