Works For Me Wednesday: Scrapbook Planning

As I worked on a scrapbook page last night from my son’s birthday back in November,

I realized what my contribution could be to What Works For Me Wednesday!

I love to scrapbook, and while I might not be as good as a lot of people out there, as I keep it pretty simple, it is something I really want to find time to do for those special occasions in my son’s and our lives. Most recently, it was for his birthday and Halloween.

As a busy working mom, I try to organize the photos I want to scrap, along with any paper or stickers I want to include (even ticket stubs and so on), inside one of the plastic sleeves in my scrapbook, so that when the time comes and I have some time to sit down and do the pages, I am pretty much ready to go. It also helps to keep me focused and keep pages from piling up on me.

What do you do that helps you save time scrapbooking?

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One response to “Works For Me Wednesday: Scrapbook Planning

  1. Kayla

    I so need to do this. My scrapbooking has piled up so much these last few years. Thanks for the tip. Maybe I can get it under control!

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