Easter is ‘a comin’

So, after getting a great little Easter gift from my brother and sister-in-law yesterday, of eggs filled with chocolate and coins, and A Tisket, a Tasket book, along with an activity they played, I am beginning to think about Easter a little more and what I can do for my three-year-old.

Here he is with his gifts.

He is so into colors, matching, and even hatching! He’s been “hatching” the eggs this morning and looking at what’s inside. It’s great too, that he’s not even really interested in eating the candy as of yet!

As a child, we got a big chocolate bunny in our basket, then went to look for plastic and the eggs we dyed. We didn’t get much more in our basket, but I know more families do little gifts, like books or toys. Do you do that?

Did you dye eggs and hide those too? Is that sanitary to eat those eggs after sitting out overnight? Did your family make an Easter cake? (We never did, but it sounds cool!) My birthday is the week before, however, so would that be too much cake?

I’m looking for some great and fun ideas. I’m thinking maybe some Matchbox cars, craft supplies, ABC stickers, some healthy snacks (along with sweets too), and a rainbow theme to do some color matching. It will be a lot of fun this year and I’d love to hear some new ideas!


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