What I Learned This Week

Woo-eee! Yep, those are the words that came to mind just thinking about what I’ve learned this last week (and a tribute that kind of sounds like whoopin’ and hollerin’ for Julie).

This week or so, I’ve learned:

1. One can have goopy oopy eyes in the morning, even after inserting contacts, and like 2 hours later. Where does that goop come from? (Sorry, maybe TMI, but I feel like I am crying goop as I write this.)

2. Lucky Charms can be like crack for a three-year-old. Addictive, has-to-have it, every morning, and get at those charms, kind of crack. I’ve already told my son after the big box is empty, there is no more. Because I feel guilty as a mostly healthy-eating mom to have even purchased them in the first place. Bad mom. Anything that leaves a blue tongue even after brushing the tongue cannot be good for your child unless you want him to have ADHD later, right?

3. Even after running pretty regularly, you can take a 6 mile hike, mainly downhill the whole way and feel like you blew out your calves and now walk like…well, not sure what like, but painfully and funny like. Day 4 now after and I’m starting to feel some relief at least.

4. Your child can start making up stories about how someone is taking his snacks at school. After talking with the teacher you can realize that perhaps he is creative and smart (positive words, right), and really just wants another snack at home and thinking of sneaky ways to get it.

5. Sometimes, as much as you would like not to have to, you just have to take some TV-free nights and get caught up on all those things you can’t do in front of the TV. (When I’m talking TV time, it is really just an hour-hour and a half after my son goes to be when I’m already too pooped to do anything else.)

6. On that “pooped” note, something I learned long ago is that people from other countries don’t know that slang word and look at you really funny-like when you say, “I’m pooped.”

7. While planning for a camping trip, I’m learning Amazon has some great deals, and for no tax in our state, even better, thinking about all the necessities to add a three-year-old to the mix. I’ve also learned that without reviews, one can surely question a product’s reliability.

8. Gel nails don’t really last all that long, and can even pull up a bit just a few days after you get them. I also think my nail tech didn’t know what she was doing. I ended up scraping off most of the shellac by Friday (only 6 days of use).

9. I’m learning there are all kinds of different booster seats for kids at age 4. Now I’d love some advice on the best ones that do have back and side head rests in case my kiddo wants to go to sleep. I know he’s too young yet, but I saw one on sale and it got me thinking. Any suggestions?

10. I learned that wow, some weeks I can make it to 10! Hmmm…a big one lately? To-do lists have saved my sanity a bunch over the last few weeks. I’ve had a lot to do, and unless I write it down, it slips out of my aging mind. Thank you t0-do lists!

What have you learned this week?



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5 responses to “What I Learned This Week

  1. That first one, about goopy eyes, made my eyes water just reading it! ha!

  2. I’m betting my runny nose would get along fabulously with your goopy eyes…. UGH….

    BOO on 6 days of nails – can you say refund?

    Thanks for linking up again this week =)

  3. I love Lucky Charms 🙂 For dessert. I don’t buy them often because I will eat them up quickly.

    I love Amazon too. I love that it will ship right to my front door and it is often free. I buy food on there all the time! (Mostly cereal actually.)

    Great list of things you learned. Love them. 🙂

  4. Lucky Charms? They work magic to get my boys out of bed on Mondays 🙂

  5. Oh, I hit enter too soon!

    I LOVE Amazon! Are you a member of Amazon Mom? Free 2-day shipping!

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