What I Learned This Week

Whew…the things I learn…

As I’ve mentioned before, this is one of my favorite themes of the week, and as busy as I seem to have been lately, sometimes the only post I get around to posting each week on this blog (I have another family blog too where I update photos for relatives far away).

This week, I’ve learned:

1. That I like to challenge myself beating my time on a 5K. My friend and I (I’m on the far right, and the friend in the middle is the one I’ve been training with) beat our first 5K time by 2 minutes at 58 seconds on Sunday! We did 35 minutes and 14 seconds! Nevermind our other friend who did 29 minutes…. I’m anxious for our next one, which probably won’t be until next fall. It is just getting too darn hot.

2. You can find GREAT deals on Amazon. I found all of our camping gear we needed (for our 3-year-old) last week as well as some Leapster items, no tax, and no shipping! So worth it!

3. Life gets much busier with even just one child, and seems busier each day. How IS that? (I should cherish it, right, because one day he will want to do only his own thing, without his parents, right?)

4. Multitasking gets impossible after having a child. Or is it that I’m an older mom and it is the loss of brain capability too?

5. Having routines in certain areas (like menu planning, grocery shopping, regular blogging) can just fall off the face of the earth one day, for some reason, and it can be hard to get them back into place. Should I just accept that and move on or fight to get it back?

6. Your child can be a t-ball dropout, but love, love, love joining gymnastics with a buddy!

What have you learned this week?

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One response to “What I Learned This Week

  1. Kristin did the same thing to me when we ran the Iron Girl!! Ran with me the whole time, then… POOF! Crossed the finish line with a burst of energy at the end!!
    Don’t do too much. It’ll all get easier when he gets older. I promise 🙂

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