Truth Be Told

Isn’t that a funny saying? Shouldn’t we just tell the truth anyway?

Well, here’s my truth lately. I am really feeling like I can’t keep with  reading the blogs I love to read and can’t even keep with with regular postings to the two blogs I have.

I have a family-focus blog where I usually post updates about my son and our family for our relatives who live far away, trying to post 2-3 times a week, and lately, I can’t keep those up. It needs to take priority, and I really need to focus there.

Work is really busy and I can’t seem to find moments to even jot down notes to blog about later. Later, my priority needs to be my family and then my own responsibilities for myself and our house, and I feel like I am falling  behind on those responsibilities. It may just be that time of year, or it may just be a time in my life that is harder to stay on top of.

In any case, truth be told, I may have to take a blogging hiatus from this blog for awhile, and from staying on top of my wonderful friends’ blogs. I’m so sorry if I can’t be “there” for your blog, but I am there in spirit and there for you in person.

I need to focus on my wonderful little boy, my husband, and myself for awhile. I’m sure I’ll be back soon or from time to time.



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2 responses to “Truth Be Told

  1. Eileen

    A little bummed here. But totally, completely, & wholeheartedy understand.

  2. I do that from time to time. I can’t believe you keep up with two!! The first thing I cut out is reading other blogs…surely someone isn’t going to be hurt that I am not commenting.

    Then I post enough to keep my sanity… which is what I have been doing lately 🙂

    Don’t forget to take some time for yourself 🙂

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