Thanks out to You

My great friend, Becca, who has gone AMAZING places with her blog, gave me, little ol me, for getting her started on her AMAZING blog…but you’d never guess it based on my postings here lately. I do indeed have another blog, a family one, I’ve fallen behind on too, to simply be a mom. Motherhood is wonderful, as is being a career woman, and finding time for myself in all of that gets more challenging every year.

But I’m happy, really happy, to be where I am in my life, with my wonderful friends and family, even though I can’t post about it as much as I’d like.

I am thankful, truly thankful today, for everyone who is a part of my life. You are wonderful to me and make my days and life so great.


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One response to “Thanks out to You

  1. I am thankful for YOU!!!

    And one day you’ll have more time to blog. Like when Soren is in his room playing video games or building cities out of Legos 🙂

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