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A Few of my Favorite Things

My great friend Chelsea did this post the other day about favorite things and it was a great inspiration for me. You see, my life feels like it has been super duper busy and I haven’t been so good about writing and reading blogs. I guess we all go through those phases, right?

So, on to some of my FAVORITE THINGS:

1) Raindrops on roses and whispers on kittens.. oh, wait, that’s not mine..

1) Sleeping through the night. That didn’t happen last night, but two short interruptions of coughing and soothing for my son were a lot better than hours up with him, not going to sleep after an Albuterol treatment Saturday night, the night before my 5K.

2) My new love of  running (did I actually say that?). Big thanks to my gal pal at work. We really seem to be on the same page, same level of fitness, and that is awesome!

3) Reading the Sunday paper with a cup of coffee and my son next to me, trying to read it too.

4) Spending time with friends – not much more needed to say about that!

5) Blogging and reading others’ blogs, but it is a tough thing to stay on top of, like scrapbooking, which I also love and am behind on!

6) Spending time with my husband. Every once in a while my husband and I take a day off during the week together, just us, and it is wonderful, catching a movie, going out to eat, taking a hike, all the things we did frequently before starting a family. It is great because we don’t have to pay for a babysitter too!

7) Organizing my “to-dos”. Yes, it really helps me to do this and use my time well. After having been gone a day sick last week, my to-do list is large for work today!

8) Spending total one-on-one time with my son playing (or reading). It is so great and takes away all of one’s own life worries.

9) Days when my energy level is just perfect. I’m a good-mood kind of gal. Most days I’m happy-go-lucky, and easy going. But there are those days when I just don’t feel myself (hormones or just lack of sleep?). It makes me really appreciate the wonderful ones!

10) Last but not least today, in this economy, I am so happy to have a great job I love and the house we live in, small that it is, but affordable!

What are some of your favorite things?


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>Time for 10 Things

>I’m thinking it is time for a 10 Things post again, 10 Things I am truly thankful for.

When I’m feeling stressed out and like I can’t handle things, in the past, this was THE best remedy, because it helps me realize what wonderful things I do have in my life and to not take myself so seriously. On that note, I will try to look at things and laugh a bit while I write too.

1. I am thankful for the pain on the top of my foot, where it feels like a giant must have stood and jumped up and down. It is either from my wonderful son standing on top of my foot sometime this weekend, while he danced around as I changed his Pull-Up, or it is residual pain from these really cute strappy sandals I wore to a great brunch reception this weekend. In any case, I should be thankful, right, for my great son or a great brunch in cute sandals?

2. I am thankful that I am getting in bed soon to watch two great shows: Entourage and Hung, that we DVR’d. Love those shows and a great way to end a weekend. Okay, nothing funny about that, unless you’ve watched Hung. Funny concept, especially in my profession.

3. I am thankful for friends who still want to come over for dinner (they are childless), even though we have a 2 1/2 year old. I wonder, really, how much of the conversation involved discussion about our son (do they really care?) and really about topics that interest them. What does that seem like from an outside perspective…got to wonder.

4. I am thankful that I am in the mood to do a post, and try to get myself to laugh. I was close to tears, and tearful several times this weekend as I let my son let me get frustrated. Don’t you hate those moments? I love it when my patience is even-keeled, not just on the brink.

5. I am thankful for zoos, where mommies can take their children when they are on such brink (see #4) so that their child has fun and so do they.

6. I am thankful I’ll get to see some of my favorite people back at work tomorrow, having been out since basically Wednesday due to presentations and meetings. They make me smile, and laugh so hard sometimes I want to (well, not want to, but almost just DO) pee my pants.

7. I am thankful that I am so busy that I have to write everything down so I don’t forget. I could be jobless in this economy, right, and have to stay home because I can’t afford to even drive my car? (Okay, that’s pushing it, but I’m trying to gain some humor on this one…)

8. I am thankful for my husband, who this morning, offered to give me a hug when I felt so overwhelmed. His hugs melt my heart and make everything feel right in this world, at least just for that moment. Thank you.

9. I am thankful for the random cash I have lying around. What, you ask? Well, I’m trying this cash only system, and in order to keep things accurate sometimes, I move things here and there with stickie notes, and, well, at times I worry I am going to lose some, or lose my mind trying to keep track of the different parts and pieces of the cash. Okay, maybe that one didn’t work, but I guess I’m happy to have cash, or at least money, for my bills?

10. I am thankful, lastly, for being able to find so much to be thankful about. I need to remind myself of this exercise and try to keep perspective.

What are you feeling thankful for today?


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>10 Things I Love About Working

>I may be one of those odd mothers, who really enjoy working. I do, I love going to my job each day. Here are some reasons why:

10 Things I Love About Working
1. I love the interactions with other adults, and the great people they are.
2. I love having another focus outside of my own life.
3. I love the challenges that work presents to me. It takes my mind off of my own challenges.
4. I love the great friendships I’ve made through my work. Truly, the best friends I’ve made have come from my job.
5. I love the routine of going to work. I actually don’t do well having too much time off. It is not that I don’t know what to do with myself, but I feel out of sync, like something isn’t quite right. It happens whenever we have a break (unless I’m in some terrific place like a tropical island…)
6. I love encouraging myself and striving to get better at my job.
7. I love (and sometimes feel guilty about) the downtime away from my family, to have a place for me, where things are about what I’m working toward.
8. I love encouraging others, whether other teachers or students, in what they are doing.
9. I love the people. Oh, have I already said that? Well, I do. I love the positive environment I work in. Of course people always have their concerns/issues, but that’s just part of life.
10. I love that I love going to work, that it isn’t something I dread. It is something I look forward to.

What are 10 things you love about a part something you do every day?


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>10 Things That Make Me Unique

>My friend Becca did a post on this theme the other day and I invite you to do the same (let me know you do so I can go read yours too)!

We all have some pretty unique and different things about ourselves that are, well, interesting for others to learn about us.

(For the highlights, read what is underlined.)
1. This one I don’t find so interesting, but others seem to. I do not like apple pie. Yes, I am an American, but baked apples? No thank you.
2. Some people know this, others don’t. I have a glitter phobia. Yes…I fear glitter. Was I asked to watch a colleague’s class this year on the very day she  sprinkles glitter on her students’ heads, each class period? Yes. Did I do it? No, some kind student actually ASKED to do it, so I could stand back and watch. Did it stick to the bottoms of my shoes and freak me out? Yes, so I rubbed them a lot on the concrete to try to get it off. What’s my problem you ask? Well, once glitter touches you, it never leaves. It only find a new location to lodge itself on your body, only to appear as a sparkle somewhere someone who doesn’t care for sparkles finds it. I’m glad I have a son. That’s all I have to say.
3. I was an American Tribal Style belly dancer for about 5 years as part of a troupe. No, I will not perform for you. It was some time ago and looks out of place in shorts and a t-shirt. No, I will not dress up for you in my garb either, as you may not truly understand how much I loved it. I really did. See here if you’re interested more. I did some workshops with this group. I first saw them perform in San Francisco, and when I joined my classes, had no idea my teacher was trained by the leader of this group. I had to move to a new city, where this type of dance troupe doesn’t exist. I also LOVE the music…ah…I think this is truly a core part of me.
4. I can be a girly girl, yet love the rugged outdoors. I used to rock climb and lead tours in the Southwest, and up until I was pregnant, loved mountain biking. Sometimes I feel like two separate people that way.
5. Since I can remember, I never dreamed of my wedding as many women do. I hoped I’d my husband would tall and blond. What do you know? I have a tall (6’6″), blond husband. I didn’t even pursue that. It just happened. Another unique thing? We met online and married 2 years minus one day from our first date.
6. I have an extra bone in 6 different places in my body (or so it seems). These bones protrude out (one each) under each inner ankle bone-a pain when it comes to shoes, under each knee bone about an inch down, and on the back of each shoulder. Perhaps they are out of place or perhaps that’s what leads me to be double-jointed in my shoulders, something I didn’t know until I was laying watching TV as a kid and a friend asked how I was laying that way, propped up on my hands, elbows on the ground, behind my head.

7. I have extra mammary glands. Yep. You might think they were moles from far away, but my dermatologist and a radiologist both confirmed it and said it is more common than you’d think, that when they see them on people they usually don’t say anything because it freaks them out. Reason I know, I had a friend in college who had 6 extra ones down his chest. My are close to my armpits.

8. I don’t like anything stuck in my belly button. It freaks me out and feels like someone is touching my soul and in a creepy way.

9. I don’t like light reflected into a mirror and back in my eyes. You see, our bed is directly across from our bathroom. Our nightstand lights can shine into the mirror and back out again. That irritates me. I have to pull the door closed. I think I have some light sensitivity and am kind of OCD about that.

10. 10 is hard to get to….Um…okay…sometimes during a movie (quite often that is), I am so engrossed looking at the costumes that I miss what people are saying. My first passion and degree was in fashion design and I am really drawn to what designers choose to put people in in films. We just watched a WWII movie last night and I was really attracted to all the uniform detail and how many had to be made. I’m a seamstress at heart and really get into the detail.

What are 10 things that make you unique?


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>10 Things That Make Me Happy

>My friend Becca did a post on this today, and I challenge you to also. What can be a better way to make you smile while making this list?

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Spending time with my hubby and Little Guy (my son)
2. Visiting with my gal pal who lives a couple of hours away
3. Getting emails from great friends or family, catching up
4. Having some time to blog or look at blogs
5. Having a cup of coffee and read the newspaper
6. Seeing the joy on my son’s face when he goes pee-pee in the potty (true!)
7. Spending time with friends
8. Going to a good movie and eating movie popcorn
9. Eating a fantastic meal with a great glass of wine
10. Having some extra cash (who has that?) to spend on myself

What 10 things make you happy? (At least when you read this, and in this moment.)

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