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>Shopping Savings

>I think I am getting better at this shopping with ads and coupons thing!

Thursday I went back to Walgreens to get those Energizer batteries that I price checked at Target earlier in the week. The AAA batteries (as well as others) were on sale with a Walgreens coupon for $2.99 each. I then had 2 $1/off coupons, so I bought 2 of them, and added a Walgreens $1 off coupon, ending up paying $3.52 for EIGHT AAA Energizer batteries!

Then this week I decided, since I have a little extra time, to split my grocery shopping between Safeway and Fry’s, because they both have good deals on things we use, and I have coupons I can add.

Today after work I went to Safeway. Here’s what I got:

There are 2 vitamin bottles behind the bananas too. Using combined store coupons, newspaper coupons, and multiple ones I printed online, by purchasing only those items that were on sale in combination with all the coupons, I spent $44.15, saving $50.71. You can’t really tell that I have 2 Ritz, 2 Sargento cheese, 4 Nut Clusters, 2 Gallo salami, and 3 Softsoaps (oh, they were only on sale. I didn’t have coupons.)

For more savings, see Super Savings Saturday.


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>Question of the Day: Coupons in Newspapers

>Do any of you buy more than one newspaper on Sundays in order to get more coupons? If so, can you tell me are there different coupons in different area papers (say one from your local city and one from your capital city) or are they the same (Smart Source, Red Plum, etc.)?

Please comment. I’d like to know if I should order a second one, or just buy an extra when I see a lot of coupons I can use from the one I already receive on Sundays. Thanks!


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>Tackling Walgreens

>This week I tackled Walgreens at their sale items, after also hitting up CVS this week. I was able to attempt this with a couple of days off this week. I’m not sure this would be something I could normally do on a weekly basis, but I thought it was the perfect week to try.

Here’s what I bought:
-4 Nature Valley granola bars packs at $1.99 each. I had a .40 coupon, a .50 coupon, and a .75/2 coupon, so they came to $6.31 or $1.58/box.
-2 Kotex items at $3.49 each.
*I then received $2.50 in register rewards and a coupon for a free Playtex item up to $5.00

I went back to buy Puffs tissue, something I’d forgotten my coupon for. They are regularly $1.49 each. The coupon was for .99 each, for a limit of two.
I used that coupon to get them at .99 each, applied my $2.50 in register rewards to that, so I only spent .50 on the tissue, AND I got a free Playtex item.
I spent $1.10 ONLY for all of that on my second trip!

I feel thankful that all of this worked so well. I still question (questioning is healthy, right?) that while I’m buying items I will use, I don’t necessarily need them now. How does that affect my monthly budget? I do know that I don’t need to buy much meat this month, so maybe if I make sure I limit my expenses in this area, maybe I’ll be fine.

What is hard is, I want to take advantage of sales, but without:
-going over my budget
-going crazy looking over so many ads and coupons and websites
-losing quality time for my family or myself

My husband reminded me: “There will always be sales.”
I also heard from someone the other day: “You can save yourself broke.”

I know the balance is up to me, and finding what works for me. I don’t want to go so overboard it isn’t fun any more, or like I said, takes too much time.

Your suggestions?


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>How do you keep your coupons organized?

>Here’s my method, and I try to sort through them once a week and take out expired coupons.
Then I take those I’m going to use and paperclip them to my grocery list.
I’ve found, however, that since I started REALLY collecting coupons, including online ones, that this is getting fuller and my health and beauty section really needs to be broken into several separate section.
I’ve heard there are some 3-ring binders out there, and I guess if I’m going to get REALLY serious about this, it might be something to consider.

What do you use to keep everything organized and ready for your planning and shopping trips?

Happy long Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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>Question of the Day: CVS and Walgreens

>I have a question for all of you.

Do any of you try to save money by shopping CVS or Walgreens?
If so, what are your strategies, and pointers for me, for a mom with limited shopping time?

I have heard that you can save a lot of money, but I’ve always been one to want to do one-shop-shopping. It has been a big transition for me to even start going to Target once a week (that started after having a child).

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>Coupon Craze

I’m the kind of person who gets very excited about new ideas, endeavors, projects, etc. and find that I don’t always follow through. In other words, my excitement wanes. I’ve been doing so well lately, however, collecting and using coupons, that I shared with my husband the other day how I hope this excitement and organization doesn’t disappear. It feels so key to keeping our grocery budget intact. One thing on that note, I know some people don’t include non-food items in their grocery budget, but we do, things like Pull-Ups, detergent, are all included. On that note, I can’t wait until our son is out of Pull-Ups. He just went to the next size up too, which is a bigger expense. Others tell me though, that that savings is just used somewhere else. Does everyone find that to be true?

Anyhow, back to collecting coupons. I feel like somewhat of a newbie at it. I used to get them out of the paper on Sundays, and that was about it. If I happened to have a coupon for something I planned to buy, I’d use it. Sometimes I wouldn’t even look. Now I plan my grocery lists around things that are on sale and that I have coupons for, as much as I can (thanks to hints from I’m also getting online coupons and reading a number of different money saving blogs. (I’d love to hear about those that others use as well.)

I’m very, very interested in learning as much as I can about saving money when it comes to grocery shopping. I’ve found I love cutting my coupons (I’ve even bought more than one newspaper one weekend to get the additional coupons), organizing them, checking the sale ads, and organizing my weekly shopping list. I feel like I’m just getting the hang of buying more when things are on sale too, of products I use frequently. But, this month, I found myself tight on my budget at the end of the month, because I think I bought too much of the sale items (I think I’m set on toilet paper for the next 3-4 months). I thought this was the best thing to do and it makes sense. Then I read a this post. This is somewhat of the opposite philosophy, of not buying more than you need that week, even considering sales. The problem (or good thing) is, we are not frugal, nor do we want to be, even though we should. We enjoy what I consider “regular” meals, and things we enjoy, without being extravagant. I don’t mind simplifying, but I sure don’t think I could get much that I enjoy for $40/week. But that’s me, and I guess our values play a part.

What kind of helpful hints do you have that help you save money on groceries?


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