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>Back on the Bike!


My husband and I have the day off today and he had this great idea that instead of going hiking this morning after a great breakfast out, that we should back to our mountain biking spot and do one of the easy trails. I hadn’t done this since at the very least, 3 1/2 years ago, after I found out I was pregnant!

We had THE BEST time and I was surprised that it all came back to me as well as it did, going through sand, over rocks, steering away from cactus. It was invigorating, and certainly the highlight so far of my break!


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>Fun Bags

>I went to this great bag party a month or so ago, and picked out some really cute products. Have you ever been to a Thirty-One party? (By the way, I’m not selling or trying to promote anything here, just sharing, and giving you a link if you want to check it out yourself.) From the moment I saw the catalog, I wanted one of everything! (Of course I can’t do that, being the reasonable – well, not so much – woman who needs to come home to her husband and share that I didn’t spend our life savings.)

Anyhow, I just wanted to share some of the cute things I got:

I got a little toy tote for my son, a beach tote, and a car tote organizer (we were heading to the splash park).

Fun stuff! I love bags, so I just couldn’t resist. You should check out their things too, and if you’re interested, you can contact the consultant I used too.

Click here and check them out!
Thirty-One Products

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>Like Sisters to Me

>My friend Becca did a great post today, on someone who is so special to her, someone like a sister to her.

I actually have two of these gal pals, gals who I just adore.

One is Deanne, who I’ve known since…hmm…maybe 1998 or 1999? I was her mentor teacher when she began teaching, and we became fast friends. We almost even moved in together several years later when my relationship broke up and I was considering moving the to big city. (I still moved to a big city, just a little less large). She is so dear to me in every way. I think we can trust each other with deep, deep thoughts.
The first photo is from August 2008, with my son, and the one on the right, on my birthday 2009.

I just adore my friend Dee and wish we could see each other more often. Whenever I see her, my days seem brighter for awhile (not that they aren’t typically bright, but they seem extra bright).

My other great gal pal, who I don’t see enough of is Amy. I just spent the morning today at her house with the kids, playing in the pool. We used to work together, pre-kids, and I couldn’t wait for every day to have lunch with her and catch up. She is someone you can talk to anything, I mean anything, in the world about, and she totally understands, and she’s just as open in the opposite direction. It is hard now, with kids, to find the time to really talk, but when we do, it is wonderful!
Here she is last summer with one of her beautiful daughter, and the other, from a bbq at her house a few weekend ago.

I have many other wonderful, beautiful gal pals, and I appreciate them all so much too. Thank you for everything you’ve all been to be and continue to be!

Girlfriends are a big part of what makes life complete.

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>Special Moment

>You wouldn’t call me the religious sort. But I am one to appreciate those special moments.

Tuesday morning as I stepped back into my bedroom to get ready, I stepped into some amazing sunlight.

It was beautiful. I could see all the dust motes in the air, around, and it was just magical.

I was hoping I could catch it on film, which I sort of did, but in person, it was even more amazing.

What have you seen recently that took your breathe away or made you stop and look more closely?

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>What Makes Me Feel Better

>What can make a woman more happy, after a tough weekend with a toddler than one of these?

A cream-filled donut. I write this even before I take a bite. They have no calories right? The person who brought them into work said they are fat free. I believe her.

What do you crave after a hard weekend or day that makes you feel better?


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>10 Things That Make Me Happy

>My friend Becca did a post on this today, and I challenge you to also. What can be a better way to make you smile while making this list?

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Spending time with my hubby and Little Guy (my son)
2. Visiting with my gal pal who lives a couple of hours away
3. Getting emails from great friends or family, catching up
4. Having some time to blog or look at blogs
5. Having a cup of coffee and read the newspaper
6. Seeing the joy on my son’s face when he goes pee-pee in the potty (true!)
7. Spending time with friends
8. Going to a good movie and eating movie popcorn
9. Eating a fantastic meal with a great glass of wine
10. Having some extra cash (who has that?) to spend on myself

What 10 things make you happy? (At least when you read this, and in this moment.)

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