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>Keeping Busy

>I have sure been keeping busy this week, running here and there on errands, getting extra allergy shots while I have the time, having lunch with friends, shopping for some needed new clothes…I am definitely not on the road to relaxation, yet. I am sure glad I have next week off too.

We just received our 4th invitation to a birthday party over the next month, 3 actually next week, and then there’s also my son’s party on the 30th. Fortunately, we’re just doing a family one, with grandparents who will be in town, so it will be low key. I wasn’t actually able to have it on his birthday, November 6th, because one grandparent is leaving that day, and one of my dearest friends is having her daughter’s 3rd birthday party on that day too! Whew! The 30th of October is kind of a neat day though, in that that was my son’s actual due date.

I’m planning a Mickey Mouse themed party for him and he’s also going to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween.

I’ve been working on the costume a bit this week too. Here are the shorts:

I wish I could have found even bigger buttons, but these were the biggest I could find. I actually made a second pair of shorts too, as potty training backups. I wouldn’t want my Mickey Mouse to be stuck wearing little boy shorts instead of his red ones with his costume. I showed them to him last night, and when we were getting ready to go to bed, he told me he wanted his “Mickey Mouse jammies”. I coudn’t figure out what he meant, because he doesn’t have any, but he must have meant the shorts!

The next step is trying to make those crazy big yellow shoes. I got some things to start with:

Only, I ended up finding some fleece slippers yesterday at the store that I think I will use as a base and create the shoe on top of, instead of making fleece socks. This will be next week’s creative endeavor.

On a totally different note, I mentioned having gone shopping for jeans. Ever find a pair that fits you so well you want to rush out and buy a second pair immediately? Like a pair that doesn’t hang in the crotch, sag in the bottom (or too tight) and actually fits you in the waist without that big gap in the back? Well, I’m there, with these, wearing them today and just hoping I’ll be able to find another pair out and about next week.


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>Resting…is there such a thing with a toddler?

>What do you do when you just need some rest?

Just the other day, I was tired, really tired, from walking outside in the sun with my son (and I mean HEAT), keeping him (oh, that was me) sane while we ate lunch in a restaurant, and by the time I got home, I was exhausted. As my husband and I have been saying lately, I felt 90 years old. I got my son down for a nap, but had numerous errands still left to do and chores to tackle. My hubby suggested I take some time to lay down (don’t only 90-year-olds do that? I do remember my mom needing one every weekend afternoon…though maybe it was just to get a break from all of us). I laid down and my body just sunk into the mattress. My mind was awake, but my body was throbbing, and sinking further into the bed. I don’t think I slept, but I had 45 minutes of solid, no-moving, rest. Boy, did I need that.

I knew my world couldn’t stop like it could pre-children (child in my case), and that was the toughest part. My hubby and I miss those relaxing weekends. Now I feel like I have to cram so much in and think of activities for my son so that he doesn’t say, “Watch show?” With only one child, he tends to want me to be his playmate. I love that, and do that, but I need some downtime too.

Should I just give in and realize that I will feel tired like this until my son is 7? That’s my joke, that we’ll be able to do so much once he’s 7, that maybe, just maybe that’s when I’ll feel rested? I have also gotten less exercise since becoming a mom than I’ve ever had in my adult life, and I wonder, could it be that? I can’t afford a club membership anymore, it is simply too hot outside, and I already have such little time with him, working full-time. (Excuses, aren’t they?)

Do you remember the days of your toddler, or do you have a toddler now? Do you feel this way too? It always makes me feel better to feel others feel what I do, don’t you?


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>Happy 4th of July! (AKA: Don’t Laugh at the Cake)

>Many of you don’t know about my birthday cake I made in April. It was sad. Very sad. I am definitely not a cake decorator! (Make that just cake froster in general.) Here it is in all its drippy glory. It WAS delicious however!

I even named this photo “40th b-day cake disaster” or something like that.

Well, I thought I’d just make a 13 x 9″ pan cake with my son and decorate it for 4th of July, to look something like this.

I baked the cake, frosted it during naptime, and cut up all the strawberries and blueberries. I even showed the photo to my son so he could process it internally during naptime and visualize what we were attempting.

It began like this:

Not too bad, right? Then he began throwing strawberries on the cake. Next, he picked up the containers of fruit and dumped them, even while I was pointing and describing what we needed to be doing.  (I interject and make a comment that an author in a book I was looking at recently compared toddlers to cavemen…)

Well, I contemplated moving the fruit to the appropriate sides, but it was all stuck to the frosting. So, we adapted, and Mommy helped to create a reverse USA flag. Please don’t call me unpatriotic. Flexible would be a better word.

How are you spending your 4th of July?


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