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>Back on the Bike!


My husband and I have the day off today and he had this great idea that instead of going hiking this morning after a great breakfast out, that we should back to our mountain biking spot and do one of the easy trails. I hadn’t done this since at the very least, 3 1/2 years ago, after I found out I was pregnant!

We had THE BEST time and I was surprised that it all came back to me as well as it did, going through sand, over rocks, steering away from cactus. It was invigorating, and certainly the highlight so far of my break!


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>A Place for Me

>As a person who loves to scrapbook, but rarely finds the time to do so lately, I often wonder what I can do with photos like this, when most of my scrapbooking involves family and friend photos, and my photo albums are just an extension of my leftover photos I don’t use.

Photos like this, however, touch a special place in my heart, my love for the outdoors, again, a place I don’t visit frequently enough anymore as the mom of a toddler (“Watch out for that cactus!” Better to avoid than to deter.)

I’m hoping this blog can be a place where I can share my passions and also connect with others who desire to do the same with what they love. I am excited for this new blog, separate from the one I use to share with family and friends, of our activities. This one is just for, and about me.


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