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>A Day to Scrapbook

>I might not be the world’s best scrapbooker or have all the latest accessories (so expensive), but I LOVE IT when I have time to scrapbook. This only comes a couple of days a year, when I have a day off, and I plan nothing else.

Today is one of those days, and my friend Kristin is coming over with her things. (She’s the one on the left of me in the photo.)

We’re also meeting a bunch of girlfriends for lunch. Ah…what a day!

Here’s a page I did last week, in about an hour, and then found I had too many errands to run to do too much more, so tomorrow will be a lot of fun. I have to do Mother’s Day, Easter (home and daycare photos) and I think some others.

One way I try to keep up is to limit special events for scrapbooking, and shortly after the event, I’ll get the prints made so that when I have the opportunity to scrapbook, I already have the photos. I typically don’t print photos unless I know they are going to go to use immediately.

I also don’t go out and buy special paper for it, I just stock up when they are on sale (or buy a book of a bunch of papers, which I recently did – see photo above-), and I’ve got all I need.

What do you do that helps you stay organized with photos and scrapbooking if you do it?


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