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>Finding Time

>Isn’t it always tough to find the time to do all that we need/want to do?

These last two weeks have been particularly tough, with getting back to work full-time and managing the monster/sleeping issues in our house. What used include some relaxation and chore routine during the weekdays nights suddenly became just simply trying to get my son to go and stay asleep. Due to that, I have felt completely thrown off course. I know it has happened to everyone.

Last night, he was asleep by 7:15, with some encouraging words from Dad.

Oh, nice! Sure he was up at 4:45, and didn’t earn his “wait until Mommy gets you up” award, but he is happy and a spaz today.

I love routine because I know how much time I have to do a particular thing, and can generalize whether I’ll be on time, can get a certain thing done, etc. Mornings like today throw me off a bit and instead of being early because my son wakes up at 4:45 instead of me getting him up at 5:20 or so, I have to figure out how to have him entertained so I can sneak back in the bedroom to get my makeup and things to somewhat get ready before breakfast so it fits in the rest of the family routine, without him coming to the back to tell Daddy hello before Daddy wakes at 5:30, or we will definitely have a house full of monsters then!

I think what I’m learning most about parenting is to expect the unexpected, at all times, and just try to be flexible, knowing that around the corner, things will change again anyway. Sure, I feel/understand that today, but when the next change happens, I know I’ll forget, won’t I?

Until then, I’ll try to find the time to squeeze in all the little things that didn’t get done, or what the heck, write off a few things that aren’t necessary…

How do you find time to get everything done when life throws you off course?


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>My Buddy

>I got to go visit my longtime friend who lives about 2 1/2 hours away yesterday, there and back, and a six or so hour visit, all in 12 hours. It was THE BEST!
Here she is with some great food!

We had great food, great conversation, a pedicure for me (french w/ a cute little red flower-in honor of my new blog):
manicure for her, and some shopping, all for my son. I had the time to really look through some neat toys and pick a few out for him that he’d get excited about this summer and be able to travel with on some trip.

I also never get uninterrupted time on the phone so I was able to call a great friend I met when we were pregnant together, on an online site, who I’ve grown closer to over the years, and with kids, and careers, while we do find time to write quality emails, never are able to talk on the phone. Straight highway driving it GREAT! Thanks for making the time to chit-chat my friend. It was so nice having some personal time.
To great day off with my hubby today before heading back to work on Monday. Have a great weekend yourself!

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>Making Your Life Easier

>I just found this GREAT blog (a series actually) on Streamlining Your Life at Life as Mom, a super blog I found. Of course, as streamlined as my life actually is every morning, I skimmed a lot of it, but saved it as a bookmark to dig through later.

Today is one of my days off this “summer” (it is a pretty short break in our school district) without any family member to be seen, and what am I doing? Looking at great blogs! Who can resist, right?

One of my main goals today however, is to do some long-deserved and awaited scrapbooking, as well as a big Target trip and a trip to the consignment store to do some trading and try to find some shorts for my son that he’ll just outgrow really quickly. All that, in really, 8 hours. Crazy, but I’m appreciative of the time and quiet, and downtime for me. I find it easier to just wait for a day off to scrapbook so I can spread out my things. It is also easier to do shopping alone, so I can think and make good decisions.

What are some things you do to make your life easier?

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>Time for Myself Tuesday

>Our summer break is coming upon us, and as people ask if I’m looking forward to it, I’m not sure how to answer. You see, as educators, we get 6 weeks off (our school is a modified traditional calendar) and the students get 7 weeks off.

Well, I’ll have next week off, then I work 4/5 days of the next two weeks, then I work two days of each of the next two weeks, and then I have a week off. Does that sound like a summer break? I’m not so sure it does.

And while I want time to myself, I also want extra time with my son. So between all those days I work, I really have 10 days off spaced apart (not counting some family time we may be vacationing, because we’ll all be together and I can’t plan solo outings or son/mommy outings).

I love planning, and love to fill my calendar with the possibilities that can occur during downtime. But I also can tend to overplan, and then, at the end of a day off, I’m exhausted, and wishing I had taken time for myself, just to relax.

I question what is relaxing now in my life, having more responsibilities. It seems I save so many things to do for “the summer”. In 10 days, I don’t think they are all possible.

What is relaxation?
Is it a 10 minute nap during naptime?
Is it the time to blog or look at others’ blogs?
Is it time to scrapbook (love it, but can do too much of it at once too)?
It is having coffee and a pastry with a friend at a coffeehouse? (That sounds so nice!)
Is it catching up with emails to friends?
Is it a nice hike?

What something you do to when you make time for yourself?


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